Friday, 3 February 2017



Iskra Lawrence shot to fame mid last year when a photo started to circulate online of a model with a huge ass in a bikini. This particular ass has tiny stretch marks and a few dimples. The internet tracked her down and she popped, becoming Instagram famous almost overnight.

Fast forward 6 months and the stretch marks and dimples have become her brand. Her whole gimmick is telling people it’s ok not to be perfect and to embrace their flaws. Now it doesn’t take a genius to notice that Iskra is extremely beautiful, stretch marks and all. For all her ‘flaws’ her figure is insane, and she works hard on it, regularly posting selfies from the gym. She’s simply beautiful.

She recently posted a video of her taking it upon herself to give a carriage full of passengers on a subway train an impromptu lecture about how they should love themselves whilst in her underwear. My gripe with this is the world doesn’t need fit people telling regular people to embrace their flaws. She’s pretty close to flawless and I’m sure deep down she knows this. She’s fit. She’s a fucking model. The reason she is posting a viral video of her in her undies on a train isn’t because she’s found some inner zen, it’s because she’s fit and a model and wants to show her fit body off. It’s always the dead fit girls preaching about embracing flaws isn’t it?  It’s almost as if she wants to discuss flaws to draw attention to how flawless she is. Nah, that would be mental and vain wouldn’t it? Couldn’t be that.

Her whole brand is built on not having a regular body type for a model, which works very well for her lectures. But she’s ignoring a blind spot. How many posts online do we see about loving curvy girls and not stick thin girls? Typical, supermodel shaped girls are ridiculed as much as anyone else, if not more. Iskra firstly is conventionally beautiful from the neck up, has a teeny tiny waist and a huge ass and thighs. This is a desirable shape and has been for as long as I can remember. She knows she isn’t flawed. She knows she is beautiful. Just rub it in our faces like every other model, you don’t have to act like you’ve found some special inner peace because you want to show your body off. Simply post your photo and go, spare us regular people the thinly veiled, arrogant, condescending lecture please.

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