Friday, 10 February 2017



One thing above all things that makes me feel old is the way young people speak. I hear words and I’m aware they’re not for me. I’m aware I wouldn’t say them. When I was younger I wasn’t as aware of slang spreading the way it does now. Maybe it’s because it didn’t, without social media being the factor in life it is now.

Around 6 months ago people started saying ‘the sesh’. It’s been doing my head in ever since. Never before have I seen something so pointless adopted by so many people. I do not understand it. It’s like when everyone started saying ‘banter’ and that just become the word for fun or bullying for a while. Out of nowhere mindless mongs signed themselves up because they’d rather be in that out. The thing with ‘the sesh’ is, everyone likes to drink and party and take drugs. There’s nothing notable about it. We don’t need a name for that, yet these cunts continue to force it and the crap jokes that go along with it.

The flip side of this coin is a sweet one though. It’s nice when you meet someone who is so concerned and put off by this particular piece of slang as you are. It’s nice to know that not absolutely everyones mind is impersonal malleable puty that simply fills the space between their ears. Nice to know that not everyone feels they have to conform to some shite jokes and some new slang term to try and fit in.

I’ll leave you with this clip from the wonderful Limmy’s Show

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