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TODAY MARKS WICKEDLANDS 9TH BIRTHDAY! Nuts, I have no idea how I've bothered writing for this long but I'm glad I have. Big up all the Wickedlanders. I'm thinking for the 10th Birthday I wanna do a little event. Make some merch, have drinks and pizza, listen to music. Like a Wickedland party. I'll do some save the date shit nearer the time. We've got loads of time anyway.

My original plan for this post was to post loads of little treats, but I'd only considered a couple of bits of content that would make sense and I've not finished working on them so that's shelved. But either way, the fun stuff is coming, don't you fucking worry. For now, enjoy these flicks.

Is this fancy dress? Or is that just him? You know the older you get the more liberated you feel in the sense that you can wear what you want, let your identity shine and so on. I wonder if this guy always felt like he was a exotic printed shirt/ shorts and knee high socks with a walking stick kind of guy and never wanted to show it, or if he's always been brazen with it.

Speaking of which, when did this guy decide green was for him? All green everything please. Kind of a similar shade too, you've got to admire his dedication if nothing else.

Holdtight the lipsing gang. Not in McDonalds please lads come on.

I saw this kid in a full Leicester kit wearing football boots just having a little gelato. Would you let your kids wear football boots recreationally if it's what they wanted? I know you're supposed to let kids do whatever they want right and let them flourish and make their own decisions but it's a no from me. You look like a fucking twat.

I have this voice in my head that I hear every single day that asks me if I'm making the right decisions. A voice in my head that reminds me I'm against the clock and constantly wonders if I'm enjoying my life as much as I can. If I'm balancing work and leisure properly and what is the right balance. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. The longer life dwindles on, and the louder the voice in my head gets. I saw this pissed up bloke in one of those jester hats just bopping through town one day and I looked at him and thought I've never known happiness like that. What incredible freedom he must feel.

Cosplay is interesting isn't it. Was my childhood stunted because I've become and adult and cannot fathom wanting to dress up as a computer game character and walk around near DMU campus desperate to get laughed at, so to add to the narrative that I'm so misunderstood?

And you're thinking ok a little Sims diamond. I can get with that, that's a fucking awesome costume. Then you notice his 'pizza slut' T shirt and you just think you know what, I'm done with this Cosplay lark.

This is just made by the earth. A bit of watering but it just happens. How cool is that? I'm into that.

This is just made by me. Me and Peri Peri. I love this salad with garlic mayo and this grilled chicken. I can't wait for it to be hot again so I can eat this shit.

Slop gang don't get caught slopping in 2017

Is this lad still about? I'm bored of him and I don't even see his face all the time. Does he still make music? Rubbish, get him out of here.

The new Deliveroo jackets with the reflector bit in are so cool aren't they? The photo doesn't show it but the grey bit is a reflector. I'm sure you've seen one of the thousands and thousands of cycling employees in one, you don't need me to explain.

These are a fucking delight. I feel like cookie dough has potential to be the next pulled pork or avocado. Popular beg food that gets completely rinsed by everyone, everywhere. Cookie dough is dope and so are these, get them if you see them.

So into this. I like garments that just say the name of a food on them. Like a sports team you support. I saw that singer Foxes wearing a sweater that said 'PEANUT BUTTER'.

I hate kids. I never used to hate kids but I think I hate kids. These days I'm often way more annoyed than endeared by the presence of kids. Is that my fault? Is it something to do with modern parents? I don't know but what I do know is everywhere I go kids do my head in. This lad was running from table to table in Mcdonalds. Why please?

Ponytails are odd aren't they. Do you think these blokes plan on growing one of them and becoming that guy with a ponytail? Or do you think it just happens accidentally? Either way when it gets to this point you need to let it go don't you. It's odd how ponytails become such a big part of someones identity. Like you become the bloke with the ponytail.


I went to Cured at Brewdog with a few familiar faces. They've basically opened up a smokehouse restaurant in the pub. When I went I took a load of pictures with the best intensions of writing about the experience. I'll spare you the trip round the houses it was rubbish and bland. Looked really nice but that was about it. The service was poor from when I booked the table to when we paid the bill. I think the pub have seen that selling burgers in Leicester is like printing money and they wanted in on it. Go Brewdog for a pint, not for food, it's not worth it.

The Orator has been working on an interesting project. A regular guest on my podcasts so I expect you should all be completely clear on what his thing is, but if not I'll fill you in. He's a spoken word artist who has recorded his debut album. It's interesting because it's a spoken word album, it's going to be very unique. I've heard snippets here and there and it's built with instrumentation and soundscapes as a backdrop. It's wrapped and ready for release, I'm excited to listen to it.

They sell these fruit juices in the European shop near me with fruit in the bottles. The fruit looks so fermented and pale, I can't imagine it would add anything at all to the juice. I wonder if people buy them. Pretty good for display purposes if not.

'Limitless' isn't really a word I would use to describe a little £22.99 electric storage heater. I'd go for 'Limiting' maybe or 'Limited'

I was on my flight out to Dam when Trump got sworn in, sat in a Frankie and Benny's at Luton airport. Pretty mad. I love thinking like where were you with this sort of stuff. Those big world defining moments. Loads of people were watching this little TV behind the bar all transfixed. This was it.

I think when discussing people who age well, you hear too much talk about Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams and not enough about how Tony Robinson. Let's at least be fair here.

Can you see how good these cartoons are? Telling people what not to do on the trams in Dam. Pretty funny

This pizza was so thick. I probably would have looked at this years ago and fancied a go at it. Now it makes me feel sick. Is there hope yet for my arteries? Highly doubt it tbh

The Dutch Museum of Banter! Didn't pop in, probably should have. 

This is Tom. We met when myself and a bunch of the guys went out to Krakow, Poland in 2012. Tom and his young woman Annelot were in the same hostel as us. They ended up coming out with us one night and we had the maddest night out and we've kept in touch since. Before I flew out to Dam I messaged Tom to see if he wanted to link up. Turns out despite living in Utrecht he is now working in Dam and we met up for burgers, a few drinks and a chin wag. He's every bit as lovely as I remember and I'm sure it won't be the last time I see him. The maddest thing was the day I messaged him was 5 years to the day from when I'd last seen him, just by chance. How crazy is that haha

Speaking of burgers, Gourmet Burger Kitchen is coming to Leicester. Just what we need. I always think one thing you struggle to find here is a burger. I wish there was somewhere irrespective of what time it is, if you fancy a burger, you can get one. Hopefully they've solved the fact it's impossible to get a burger in Leicester. 

Some of my favourite Wickedland pictures are the ones I snap when I'm drunk that I don't remember why I snap them. This guy Ian (on the left) has worked for the company I work for for a number of years, I think the longest serving member the casual team. I wish you knew him how I do, and I wish I could do his character and personality justice in a few sentences, but it's not even worth it. My over arching thought here is for what reason could he possibly be speaking to this bloke hahahaha

These look kinda dead here but they were real good. Garlic mayo, cucumber, red onion, peri sauce, popcorn chicken and melted cheddar. You know when I squeezed these babies in and took that first bite? Direct debits didn't exist for a split second.

Bradley simply proud of Birdman, still chugging along. How is he still going. Wonder what his diet is like. To be fair it's rare that you see him doing mental shit anymore. I've not seen him slopping a coffee over his hand as he does yoga topless in town hall square for years now. Hope he's alright.

That's all for today! Hope you've enjoyed this bumper edition, I'll be back tomorrow with some more stuff! WICKED WICKED LAND LAND

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