Monday, 22 March 2010


considering ive got the internet at the flat now im getting well lazy with uploading the weeks pictures. for instance these ones seem fucking ages ago.

went for a nice little croques with valena. i had some chicken and bacon wrap thing, it was proper nice. as ever. croques fucking kill it. shame its full of posh arseholes who stay sat down for ages after they have eaten talking about the financial times.


you know when they used to paint out the little yellow areas on the floor in front of cashpoints that meant like one at a time sort of thing?
at cashpoints that dont have then it means you can stand where you like. this bloke was watching this woman enter her stuff, get her money out and shit, and then when she finished he walked off in another direction and finished his maryland.
brilliant people.

the rain came, we were pissed off.

that night there was meant to something on at jamjar what me and darryl were playing. the night flopped horrifically, some of the lads went on to the charlotte and i said i was just going to go home cause i had work the next morning.
on the way there was some reggae night on at hub. it was free so we popped in for one, just to have a look. ended up having such a brilliant night. they were playing such good music, there has enough people so that it looked packed out, and everyone was in a well good mood. this is a shite photo, from my shit phone of me on the mic there.

saw this in the toilet too. made me laugh, even if spelt wrong they are 100% right.
i dont get it with vegetarians, they are not really humans. meat is such a good, good thing, not even on opinion, this is fact. why they would want to deprive themselves of that i have no idea. going mcdonalds and having to order a vegetable deli is not a life.

nice fruit under the counter at cyprus kebab house. one of the most overpriced places on all of narbs.

went to emily's birthday party last saturday too. me and seb we wearing homemade plasters in homage to nelly, the best rapper alive.

everyday were wickedlanding.

my dad shown me this, looks like he is biting his arse innit? and giving him a reach around.

fuck this shit. the plot of yes man, from what ive heard is that jim carry, against his will can only say yes. sounds alot like liar liar innit? sounds alot like money for old rope to me. fuck this. staright down to three pounds, how embarrasing.

jimlad came asda with me. we were in marvel of the easter egg isle. you know the eggs which have a window in the box? we were looking at them and thinking if you bombed it, you could smash the egg and ruin some kids day.

watermelon rubicon, getting picked up again, no messing about. regular feature in my shop now.

look closely, just to the right of the checkout womans hands. fucking morrisons bag in asda. awful. i hate morrisons, ive never really got it. just popped up out of nowhere and its just a bit shit innit. the only reason to go there is if you are going to the odeon.

the next day i went to the odeon with my mum and two sisters. i went morrisons to get sweets before the movie and saw these. voice sweets. never heard of you, you dont exist.

there was nobody in this car, it was just parked like this. its hard to see in the picture but its about a third into the road and was fully covering the path.

FUCKNG TRADE DAY AT WORK MEANS LOADS OF FREE INDIAN FOOD. i boshed my share of onion bajhis. (i dont know how to spelt bar-jee's.)

seeing the world in 3d.

fucking busses. some driver went the wrong was and way fucking about for ages trying to correct himself had to do a three point turn, and added another 10 minutes to my journey.

later this day, waiting for a bus in town this old woman was stood behind me in the queue. acting like she was looking to see if the bus was coming, she gradually edged in front of me, until she was fully in front of me.
it was a clash of principals at this point. i dont let people push in front of me, thats some bullshit. but then i dont start arguments with old people of there are alot of people about. i was fucked.
it was so odd, we were both at the front, and she just done it like i wouldn't notice. fucking little bowl cut, saggy bitch. fuck old people, think the world owes them a debt because they have lived long. to me, i think that just means they are taking the piss more, and should keep there heads down and wind there fucking necks in. "respect your olders" i respect people who dont go around acting like cunts, and slow me down.

at about 7, i went into town for the second time that day to go and meet this promoter.
as i got off the bus, there was this bloke counting out change in his palm, and i just put my day rover in his hand. he was well buzzed out, said thanks and then smiled. i walked off thinking im fucking mother Teresa or something. got to a cash point and was waiting in the queue. it was fucking pissing it down. out of nowhere this guy came and put me under his umbrella. what a nice gesture innit? chilled under there for about a minute until i was at the front, got my money out then bounced.

i didnt get a great load of pictures, but it was pretty good. loads of people, really good loud sound systems. i was hosting the dubstep room from 12 -3.

there were some lads getting well too carried thinking they are in human fucking traffic or something. john burns that shit.

this was the dubstep room at about midnight. it was packed from the front to the back, absolutely lively.

by the end of the night i had a proper sweat on, more than i ever have had before i think. i was literally dripping. the room was hot, but my perspiration was taking the piss.

me and shumba went back to back for a while. "WHERE THE LADIES AT? I DONT KNO-OOW!" we are gonna make a tune together.

later on these lads came up and wanted to mc. the mood just dropped and the party came to an end. despite the faces in this picture (taken during the period with the mic was getting passed around like a fucking off-beat, out-of-time zoot) it was an absolutely wicked night.

the next day, yesterday, i went round to max's to watch liverpool loose to manchester united. he showed me the remains of a pizza his girlfriend had got into. i dont know what the fuck she was playing at to be frank.

life coach max was giving me a lecture about how the bastard attitude has long since gone from wickedland, and the subject matter is alot less offensive. i suppose he is right, this wasnt a consious dissision, i think it just happened over time.

he has sky plus, so you can pause live tv. kalou was pulling an ugly face, and i paused. fucking fanny haired bastard aint he?
a little video just to leave you with.

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