Wednesday, 10 March 2010


i keep forgetting my roots. i keep forgetting what you lot pay your subscription fee's for. its not fucking pictures of the backs of lorries, its for photos of weather, food and my mates.

speaking of weather its been fucking glorious recently. (until the past couple days) its been them lovely bright winter days, very dry and crisp. automatically in a good mood.

not really a good offer is it.

dan has one money leg. (the left one) is bigger than the more malnourished right one. this is because he has bigger muscles because he only ver turns right, using his left leg to push off, therefore using the muscles more. to turn left he will turn 270 degrees right.

expensive pisstake. yes, bread and milk have gone up, but not fucking air. dont take the piss. 150% rate of inflation on the old price. damn there not being a 30 pence peice.

dan is working nights now. here he is at about 9 o clock ready to start the days work with his money packed lunch. he made a wicked sandwich, something like ham, Philadelphia, garlic sausage and cheese.

me, if i was a skin character near uni. aint that some shit.

this guy was asleep at his desk, so i stuck my arm back around the corner to his window to take a picture of him, and he had woke up and spotted me. 67% embarrassing.

went for pizza hut buffet lunch with valena mid-week. this is her, not absolutely taking the piss. its gone up in price but is still a really good bargain.

one plate for pizza, one for pasta. BIG BOY SHIT

actually very nice. chewy little gums, they were cool. why dont all sweets have loads of vitamins in? that would be wicked innit.
the sun is out so your best mate is back. when i took this a woman was explaining to him that she had "missed him and scrap over the winter" i think what effort to get all this stuff to the middle of town. truly one of leicesters odd marvels.

incase you didnt know, john is on lent for about another 20 days or so. already looking full of colour and fatter in the pockets for it. we saw a guy wearing a burberry doo rag in wetherspoons. these are the things life are made of.

we all went to see darryls band at firefly upstairs. it was good, they played really well. there was a couple more bands too. after that, me and darryl were on, but everybody left. we ended up playing to my mates, feeling bad.

sasi is the king. the absolute king. we have a coca cola vending machine at work, and i think it is on the understanding that only coca cola products are stocked within it. like a true legend he somehow managed to get black grapes into there, fully knowing that it would make me one of the top five happiest people ever. i went top three.

also, big news there is a new rustlers burger out, zinger chicken. a little bit spicy. really nice. this is ticklesh, who nails three burgers every saturday break time giving it a taste test. LOOK. HE IS THINKING ABOUT IT. ITS A HIT!


i love the sun. its such a brain dead publication, with shit journalism throughout summing up how stupid our general public are. they are brilliant for shit like this though. there was a full page of football managers looking like alice in wonderland characters.

also this.

hahaha. told my dad about this today and he told me he is on £41,000 a week. how heartbroken. i dont care if he earns less than half, send me that wage. i beg. you know ian wright is his dad? my dad said he heard ian wright saying that man city are treating him like a slave. has ian not seen amistad? HAHAHAHAHAHA the first time in my life i wanted to be treated like a slave.

football crazy. knocking a ball about in the flat halfway through the first half between villa and reading on sunday i told dan to chip the ball and put it on my head. it flew towards me, relieved of bend and smashed straight into a picture hanging near the bathroom. the glass smashed on impact and went everywhere. we paused, laughed then cleared it up.

aaron wore his driving shoes down to the field on sunday. they didnt really go with with trackies but he didnt give a shit about that.

ross got some new boots too. the weather was so so nice on this day.

that evening me and valena went to the new phoenix to watch rushmore for josh's birthday. it was a very nice affair., however, we walked in about 5 minutes late, and it was only a tiny room. we were right at the front and didnt know who was there until the end.
halfway through i opened a can and it was so so loud. felt like a right braunite who cant think of how he should act.
went to otree after for a drink.
me: "two bulmers and two glasses with ice please mate"
barman turns around, gets two glasses with ice and two bulmers from the fridge, meanwhile i fish out a fiver from my wallet.
barman "eight pounds then please"
awkward pause.
i reluctantly hand over a tenner, crying inside.
this is the bad thing about working in wholesale, you know how much things really cost. 12 bulmers is around £13.99 +vat.
we lost at football again.
today i went into town with keiran to get his phone from repair and lunch. we went to mcdonalds, he paid which was nice.
we both had the new CBO: chicken, bacon, onion. EXACTLY the same as a chicken legend w/ bacon... just with onions too. shit pisses me off, it was on that fucking dry bread too. mcdonalds is good for mc chicken sandwiches, big macs, cheeseburgers, strawberry milkshakes and not much more. it simply isnt what it used to be.
it is now 22.41, im going to have a shower, get my bag together for tomorrow and head to valenas. thankyou for reading!!!!!!!!!

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