Tuesday, 30 March 2010


yo, about to show you some good things.

this is a poster by a guy called raid71. its not official, just a fan thing, but i thought it was proper wicked.

downloaded the breakage album and found this on there. i was listening to this zarif girl last year, she is a bit like a female jack penate in some songs. listen to this, enjoy it and then listen to the original too.

read every single one of these.

Halloween 2006 special. L-R: billy, sam e, kyle, me, ricky and dylan.


i found this little film about japan made by some women called Kenichi. its about how japan is different and strange, its very interesting.


Sam couldn't think of a wasteman of the week so he asked me (Kyle) to think of one, I thought of this cunt more or less straight away, He started off with one advert which was fucking bollocks and there's now a whole series of them, He started off just being a fat twat soprano to being able to fucking float and make letter boxes move, I couldn't think of one way to hurt him so here's a few suggestion, Nail him to the floor then burn his face off with a blowtorch, Bum him with a spiked baseball bat, Chop his hands and feet off then dip his stumps in a mix of bleach and salt , Belt sand his whole back, Nail gun each of his bollocks to the floor then pull him up. Anyway if you havn't guessed by now I want to fucking kill this twat I actually get really angry just thinking and I actually leave the room when his stupid fucking adverts come on, So fuck off go compare tenner and stop plaguing our TV screens you fucking wasteman of the week. Oh and that tenner joke is well old so think of a new one like, How much did he cost? Not much cause he's a prick.


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