Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Yoooooooooo. sorry aint done a picture post in a while, should do a drawings one soon.

our team keeps loosing at football, i didnt get a photo to signify it last night, but this last week when we lost 2-1. last night we lost 2-0.

when i went royal, dan gave me a quid to get him four hot wings. look at this. box fucking so so full of chicken. now thats good innit!!!

that night i watched ufc videos with jr and made a bird out of my old mouse that broke. little penguin or something.

the next day we rallied the troops and headed into town because we all had bits to take care of.

dan luuuuuur having his iphone back. he is downloading apps and touching the screen.

we went for a nice breakfast at rialto. i just had a pretty normal breakfast and it came to nearly 7 pounds. its nice, but its so fucking expensive. there profit margin must be very big, because if other cafes can serve the same food, for 2 pounds less a plate and the amount of regular custom that rialto can bank on.

george thought jimlads sausages were giving him dirty looks.

jimlad jamming on the N64.

we went to some games shop because george wanted to buy alien vs predator. we had a right laugh whilst we were in there. dan was touching up the (almost) life size models.

came across the fucking wasteman of the decade Jeremy Healy. look at his awful suit. also, any white man with corn rows becomes an instant wasteman. the shirt, with the belt. i get it, it was the 90's, but i think even then this would have been pretty bad.

i bought a colander.

cars were getting pulled over by the raz, you know... the fucking filth for driving through this bus lane to try and leap frog traffic. nice try civilian.

george bought some new vans. we were waiting for him in shuch for fucking ages. like this shit of bradley posing with these shoes? why would anybody ever think to buy these? they are fucking horrific aint they? ferrari and puma team up? oh god.

this bloke walked straight in and went straight over the catterpilla books. at what point in your life do you think "im going to start wearing crap shoes"? THERE WAS ABOUT 50 MILLION vareities of these shit shoes as you can see here. what makes him pick up one pair over another?


played poker too. i think blake went out first, then george, then jimlad, then me and john beat dan in the final. a cool thirty. trade in a couple old games and put that money with the £30's and john is looking at the new AVP game. well done.

pepe reina works in Mississippi pizza on narbs now. two jobs for hard times. i got a good bargain this night too, they completely fucked up the prices and ended up giving me 2 12" pizzas and chips for 7 pounds. on the board it added up to about a tenner. cheers guys.

valena got back from bulgaria too. she bought me some nice chocolate shit to eat. the second thing down, bitarella is like cheap nutella in a toothpaste tube. i just had it all now, and my mouth tastes like shit. it was really Moreish though.

fucking spar at the stedent union is a rip off innit? 79p for a bag of fucking McCoys. very over-rated anyway, i dont cvare what anyone says. also i ended up getting a pasta pot thing and it was fucking shit.

it was a really nice day yeserday and it looks like its going to be another nice one today. i love nice weather.

also, flicking through a copy of demon : the de montford student paper i found this. fucking frizbee, what a load of shit. why are students such twats? why cant they just study, and be normal people. why buy into the whole cheese on toast, hollyoaks onyobus way of life?

there are so many of those that i begin to think that its me who is getting it wrong? and maybe i should drink every night of the week, wake up really late and do nothing but watch 4od and live of microwave meals and government handouts.

fuckinf frizbee bullshit. what would make you think "i know, im going to devote my spare time to something thats not even a game, just something people fuck about with for five monutes on the beach!" shit pisses me off. you know in spring when you see bare student dickheads down the quay throwing one about on the grass. what parts of fucking somerset, or Kensington do you have to come from for frizbee to be your first thought over kicking a football about? free will my fucking arse, just stop pissing me off.
thats all, ill probably post some drawings up in the week. cheers for reading, or just looking at the pictures. in which case you wont know that i am saying thankyou.

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