Saturday, 6 March 2010


im really really enjoying doing these, just nice little pictures of stuff and that. im quiet hungover today, feeling rough.

ive been downloading audio books to listen to just because they are really nice. agatha christie and shit, murder mystery style. got some of this american guy talking about like topics in life too, they are not so good.

but i looked in the little zip folder and found this lovely image for one of the books, i just thought it had a really nice hand rendered style to it.

seen this on tv too? im pure shit with tv. i only watch like football and a couple other things and those couple other things are on 4od and iplayer usually. so chances are this has been around for ages and is dead old, but still its really nice i thought.

seen this? some guy called Eric Tabuchi went round american highways for four and a half years trying to complete this, click the picture to make it a bit bigger, its an alphabet of lorry back designs. good idea innit

if i click down at the top of my internet browser it comes up with the most popular pages ive looked on. obviously like google and facebook are up there, but currently topping them both is a link to a youtube page with this on it.

john posted it on my wall couple weeks ago and ive been fucking living off it ever since, its the funniest thing. make sure you watch it all the way to the end.

this is sam elliott trying on 24 ‎October ‎2006 trying on a mask from the woolies halloween range. he is really into that long lip shit man.

as promised my first reactions to the new rubicon flavour - watermelon.

came across this too. dont you think its a lovely portrait? it's by some guy called Greg Kadel and it was for allure magazine.


fuck this bitch straight up. i cant figure how she makes her money from what she does. i mean i understand that art is conceptual and in the eye of the beholder, but how can what she does fall under the same word as pure crazy talented renaissance artists? she fucking does my head with her whole attitude too. fuck you and your t-shirt. when a woman is liberal about being a woman she is called a feminist. when a man is liberal about being a man he is called sexist. now aint that some shit.

tracy, tracy! to be a feminist you have to be female.


thansk for reading ill do a picture post soon. ive been doing some things in my life so ill put up pictures of them. not im going to have a microwave meal and a shower. /nosimultaneous

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