Monday, 29 March 2010


yooooooo another week, its monday again, so here are some pictures of whats been going on!

vinesh had a car accident and was completely unreachable up until about 15 minutes before kick off. this left us late, not warmed up, and only with 6 players. we lost again. like a fucking star, valenas mate emily came and grabbed me and dave and whipped us up to the place where we play.

as ever, jimlad outstayed his welcome and ended up sleeping at mine. it was cool, we stayed up until about 4 in the morning talking about money and vagina.
we said how everything you do your life will fall into one of three elements. one of the three p's. pussy, paper, personal.

lunch was brilliant at work on wednesday. me, dave and keiran got put on together. this is unheard of. i had a little tesco pasta pot and two meatball subs, dave had crisps and 3 sausage and egg sandwiches, keiran had two bottles of lucozade and some pasta he made the day before.
that wasn't all that happened. entertainment was laid on too. the compressor had blown out at work, and literally within two minutes of john the butcher calling for a repair man, compressor man came and started fixing away. he worked quickly, efficiently and all the time with a smile on his face. it was brilliant.

went down billys because he had a free house wednesday night. this is the best picture of him as a baby. there is another one where the shadow makes it look like he has got a mullet, but i couldnt find that one. he aint change alot innit?

went to see shutter island with valena on wednesday night. i thought it was pretty good, i would recommend it in fact.
fuck religion. fuck people who believe in religion. letting something that there is no physical proof of rule your life. what you wear, who you talk to, sexual and personal activity. i fucking hate this shit. this demographic. young, chippy asian women, so fucking loud and that, acting all rude all the time, but then still believe in some bullshit fake stories about these blue guys with 8 arms. fuck your symbol. fuck wearing it, and still thinking that you are a rudegirl. i fucking hate this so so much. religion is obviously an early form of policing to manipulate the weak minded into behaving that has gotten out of hand and i cant for the life of me understand how things have been allowed to get this carried.
the big bang is proven science, no argument. no adam and eve, shut up and fuck off with your shite stories.

some muscles that were in the paper. the flash went off, the photo was a failure. but over the past few days, this picture has just been on my phone and ive grown to like it. they are so bronzed and ripped. i thought fuck that if i aint putting this on my blog.

smashed a window to bits the other night for no reason. i dont care about phoneboxes anymore.

went to the cinema with the lads for the second night in a row. saw shank. this is a film i would not recommend. dont get me started. aside from a decent soundtrack and the cameo of d double e, there was literally nothing to write home about. the film was built on an ill thought out, inconceivable concept. stupid crap.

went for a lovely breakfast with dan. everything went well, it was smashing.

tattoed valena.

travis and jake are the new golden boys tag team of booker. they remind me alot of a young sam and dave. confident, but they know they have a long way to go. similar, but very different. they are both ped pushers.

took valena out for dinner because she has gone home now. this is her dish, she had a seafood paella. i had some lemon chicken thing, roasted veg and 'rustic potatoes'. these potatoes were mccains alternatives, seen them coming out of the bag and into the deep fat fryer. shit pissed me off, the meal was pretty expensive too. also they didnt have the desert i wanted and the service was shit!
next to us was a right gaggle of women, and one of them didnt enjoy her dish, so she bullied this pushover manager into giving her 20% off the tables total bill and two free bottles of wine. i heard her saying there was nothing wrong with the food, she just didnt like it. she was so embarrassing and shameless.
thats all for now, ill do a good innit soon. cheers for reading.

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