Thursday, 18 March 2010



the big buzz out in my life this last week or so has been google maps. now im guessing that 40% of you are thinking...keep up, that shit is mad old! but you are thinking of google earth! to make the street view for google maps a google vans with rotating camera's on the top drove around every road in Britain to build this world made of pictures, its honestly well amazing, you can type in an address and it will take you to it. just drag the little orange man from the left hand side onto the park of the map you want to go to. hours wasted. CLICK HERE.

also this cool shit. hunid racks is the energy drink for the real hustler. if i didnt get my bike nicked i would have purchased some of this last week, but trust me, its coming soon.

from the site:

Whats A Real Hustler?The person that wants your job, your position, your sale, the best grade, THE NO.1 SPOT. A Hustler is a person who is going to go out their way to get to the next level in business, school, sports, entertainment, construction, real estate, teaching, music, rapping, whatever they do.

Hustlers are not satisfied with their current position. A person that’s coming from the bottom to the top, the guy thats sittin at the end of the bench, the back up quarterback, the back up singer, the guy in the mail room. A real Hustler is not going to sit around and wait on someone else, they are going to get it, go for it, make it happen for themselves. A real Hustler will maintain a high level of hustle day to day to reach the top. A real Hustler wont listen to haters, and the negative talk they keep pushin keep Hustling to get what they want. If you are a real Hustler stay focused on your goals in life, upgrade your mind body and soul and you will reach your ultimate goal.

seen "i love you phillip morris" yesterday. it was one of the most 50/50 films ive ever seen. it had a really really good story, with loads of clever little cool bits in, and in places it was proper proper funny.

however, being about two gay guys, there was proper graphic gay sex scenes. jim carrey is the lead, and seeing the mask bumming was not one of my favourite moments ever. in parts it was just unneeded completely.

a lovely picture by Ylenia Arca.

been watching curb your enthusiasm recently too. its so good, in places really awkward, i always end up feeling so sorry for larry. its really really not overrated one bit.

came across this last week to, have a look!


currently ruining one of the best things on tv. fuck knows why, debbie left, probnably some contract shit, and seemlessly and without anyone in the show noticing liam has just slotted into her role of the young, clever one carrying the family. fuck that, he is a little prick with an annoying voice and a punchable face. i dont give two fucks if he is only about 10, pure little twat. always cocky and shit. and he just grew up out of nowhere. fuck off mate, your a little tosser.

he looks pretty harmless staring at me in this picture, making me feel bad. but i dont care, if you have seen him in the show, you will agree with me. truuuussssss WORD IS BOND


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