Thursday, 25 March 2010


its been a while since ive done one of these innit??


STEP 1) toast two slices of bread. i used my new toaster and dans medium kingsmill bread, you can use whatever you like. i reckon not brown hippie bread because it wont go with the Mexican flavour. dont go mad on the toasting, only lightly toast your bread.

STEP 2) add sour cream to your bread. i added sour cream to both, then later thought why didnt

i put salsa on one piece? never mind, there will always be a next time.

STEP 3) add your roasted and or fried peppers. the juice and oils soak through into the bread. i used green and red peppers.

STEP 4) next, space your spicy chicken out. make sure you get a nice even coverage, corner to corner. i accidentally picked up the wrong fajitas at asda. so my chicken hard my own little spice blend on. fajita spice and this Jamaican BBQ chicken one.

STEP 5) add some cheese. i like the mature real shit, so i go for the cathedral city extra mature all the time. but you can have whatever you want. however, i reckon white cheese looks better.

STEP 6) top it off with the other slice of bread, and slice in half. i later thought 'why didnt i put some sweetcorn in there?' so the next day, i got the sandwich out of the fridge and put some sweetcorn in the bitch.

this shit tasted so so nice. deffo just make too much stuff next time you have fajitas, it was ridiculously good.

later tonight, im going to post up some drawings of dogs. cheers for reading.

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Alan said...

good stuff! looks well nice! - al5r