Sunday, 16 January 2011


here is a review for a place on narborough road. they cook the chicken in like a lottery machine made out of wire and metal over a bed of hot coals. there are 3 branches in leicester, and around 6 others in the UK.

NAME: Bar.B.Q.Base.

LOCATION: 76 Narborough road, Leicester.

FOOD: The food was brilliant. the chicken was really nice and tender, and you could taste that it had been slowly barbecued over the hot coals. they serve pittas and wraps mainly, with a nice range of sauces and veg. the chips were like mcdonalds chips, and they also did little strip or steak burgers that were a pound, but were the same tender bbq chicken, not any fried shit. however, in the fridge they didnt have a diet drink option, much to the disappointment of max. 8/10.

^ BBQ chicken pitta w/ cheese.

^ jerk chicken pitta.

ATMOSPHERE: there was no atmosphere. we were the only people in there, and a cd player wouldn't have gone a miss. also, all the chaps who were working kind of stood round the back of the glass unit and watched us eat. 5/10.

DECOR: for what it was; essentially a chicken fast food restaurant it was really nice. stone walls, heated and very very clean and tidy. its a nicely kept place. 8/10.

SERVICE: the bloke was any typical guy who worked in a chicken place. on the picture of the pitta that i went for it had tomato in it. i dont like tomato. i asked him if it had it in, and he said he could put some in if i wanted, very nice and accommodating. also, i got extra cheese for no extra price. it was extremely quick as the chicken was already cooked, just ticking over on the rotisserie. im talking 2-3 minutes. however, max didnt want lettuce in his pitta, but got it anyway, and jimlad and jamie wanted lettuce in there strip burgers, and didnt get it. 5/10.

PRICE: standard prices, £3.99 for a meal, kickers were around £1. really good considering the quality of the food. and the fact they dont charge for extra sauce, salad or cheese is a bonus. 8/10.

CONCLUSION: it was brilliant, but they would do really well to put some kind of student offer in, or display their unique selling point. its not a case of if people liked it or not, its just they need to get people in and tasting it. i walk narborough road everyday looking at chicken places, and i never knew they had some mental rotisserie thing to BBQ the chicken. i never see people in there, and given how nice the food was with fast service and decent prices, they should be doing a lot more business. we all agreed we would deffo be going again.

FINAL MARK: 34/50.

the nice decor.


jimlad said to make a wicked-land restaurant of the week poster for the window as this is going to be a regular thing from now on. not such a bad idea. see you tomorrow!

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