Monday, 3 January 2011


these pictures are a bit old, because i didnt get round to writing this out until now. i hope everyone is well.

this is donnay from work. i walk round the shop with him on lunch sometimes and he talks in road man code on his phone.

ive always liked this logo for matthew walker christmas puddings.

i got a little skittles milk on the go. john surprised me and got me the stuff from the shop. in case you dont know, get a pack of skittles, put them in a pint of milk and either leave them in the fridge over night or shake for about an hour and a half on and off. *DO NOT TRY TO CUT CORNERS OR GET OVERLY EXCITED AND DRINK IT AFTER 20 MINUTES AND SAY ITS SHIT BECAUSE YOU DIDNT WAIT LONG ENOUGH*. do this properly, and its very very rewarding.

royal chicken is back open, so see john choosing dayeh.

but they dont do rubicon anymore :( all food was still half price, so i got stuck in.

went to the uncle frank christmas show not thinking it would be as packed as it was. i wore my nice, clean, untouched green adidas. i feared for them. i took this picture as a memorial. maybe to go on the cover of their funeral programme.

by the rivers started off with a little acoustic set. me and darryl helped out on one song, both putting down 16 bars super quickly over a reggae bassline. exhausting stuff.

then uncle frank came on. i saw why it gets so packed now, it was really really amazing. the whole band were mental, and they played bare good songs.

shower man getting ready for the shubz vybzin. think pink champagne, carried away watches, and bare girls with massive arses shaking away. thats what jamies room is like. he is just a product of his environment. thats no towel, thats a velvet robe rude boy.

it was new years eve. we were heading out to go to republic. we got there, it was packed and massive. i really enjoyed it, and there is a good room what plays good music.

let the pissedness commence.

kirsty got off with blake at midnight and smudged her lipstick. looooooooool

it was a night where i was sticking labels on as many peoples backs as possible.

tiklesh and nimsy, booker line up 2007. ha ha i never noticed his buttons were undone on his shirt!

i was battering the vk's. i hate those flimsy plastic pint glasses, and after a certain point in the night they become so easy to drop with how packed it was and how pissed i was getting. i swear its nothing to do with being a pussy who doesnt drink beer.

the rat collective 2011.

john got chucked out for smoking on the dance floor. if i remember correctly, bare people were doing so though. it doesnt make it right!

the next day i had a massive chip with my mexican at max's. if you have a can of pop to hand, just look at this picture and try to imagine the actual length of the chip. mad innit.

these were the lads who were in work on sunday. L-R: trav, zac, sasi, jason, jake, dilraj.

jason was going mental, and got possessed. we calmed him down though, dont worry.

jake has got a new bike for christmas. i need to get a better photo of it, he was moving rapid when i took this. ill get a better one though. these are the ped boys if long time readers remember? going up in the world innit?

i opened some chocolates for me, aaron and jamie to have and this happened. a perfect jewish face. "how much did these chocolates cost, sam?" it asked. i told the box i got them from my boss for free so he said thats ok. he doesn't want me buying things i dont need.

jimlad did someone stink at football. laced him in the shin. the lad went down like a sack of shit.

the lads who play in the team at goals won the league and went all season undefeated. well done lads.

some new guy in the free wifi spot in subway. chatting on skype with a full blown headset and that. he seemed very stressed. i cant imagine doing this.
i hope you have enjoyed reading. it was a pretty quiet week when i really pick it apart. a good night at the donkey and new years eve but i spent a lot of the last week sorting my cd out, just sat here; at my computer, or in bed trying to soak up a few last hours of laziness before the return to uni.
now ive got to start my essay for uni. like tom porter, some lad off my course said "the last essay he will should ever have to write."

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