Saturday, 1 January 2011


i know its a few days late, but i promise ive been really really busy. here is my year (2010) in photos. highs and lows.


me, blake, jamie and george ventured out to sweden for a week. it was a strange week of drunken surreals.

we got stuck in a lift for about 4 hours after some party in some student halls. jamie was pissed out of his head asleep.


vernon kay got found out for being a rat, and was exposed to the world for being a horrible human being. his world started to cave in.

part of the wicked-land make a wish foundation, we made it possible for john to meet jammer.

skepta quizzed me and jamie to see if we were top grime boys. he asked us a couple of his lines, and what song they were in. we aced both times. so he offered me and jamie to be in boy better know, and we replied that we were already in nasty crew. then we banged jme.

also went to sheffield to some baseline night. seen d double e for the first time. seen him a few times after this, but nothing like this. it was fucking mental, like seeing a rock band, all girls got the fuck out the way, all the men were going crazy. i taught dee about wicked-land too.


not a lot happened in march, sasi put ka black grape in the vending machine, so that was pretty good fun.


my mate and booker tag team partner; dave left work. after a little stint of going full time he moved on to go work with his mate lewis. i made him this wicked card and got everyone to sign it. if you pull the little lever, the hand waves. he told me later it chocked him up a bit.

did the kuttin beatz shubz in loughborough, with jonny and that lot. i hadnt seen him in tiiiiiime before this, so it was a good night.

some night at sheffield. actually not a great night, more fun travelling up with bradders. it was bassline and that all night then when all the grime lot come on, they were nothing special, and that wasteman marcus narstie was just playing funky house instrumentals instead of grime. PORSY

we had a good night out on the work staff do. went for a meal, then bowling, then town. it was a truly mental night.


i handed in my year 2 work at uni for sumertive assessment. as per usual with dmu around assessment time, genius things happened. we have two assessments, formative (kind of like a predicted grade assessment) and sumertive (a final mark). at formative, a load of us were told "this is your grade, you can add work to it, and get a better grade, but you WILL NOT get a lower mark than this at sumertive in may."

when i handed in for formative, i got a b. pretty happy with that i thought ill bank that and concentrate on other work. come sumertive the exact same work got knocked down to an f. cheers dmu.

i went on a gentlemans evening with bradley and max. the one thing i remember is bradley being so disgruntled at getting a raspeberry sorbet in cafe rouge. he wanted vanilla ice cream.

kermorgant missed that penalty that stopped leicester having blackpools season for definite.

peri peri opened. im now skint all the time and a bit fatter. its nice though, and from that my taste buds are always niiiiice.


these furrows played in london so a load of us travelled down in a coach. this was really really good fun, jr bought this bottle of moet and we all banged it on the coach. the weather looks so grand here.

football madness swept the nation as the world cup began.

they let us watch the deciding match of englands campaign at work. it was so quiet, hardly any customers in. i had the game on the radio with the tannoy microphone pointed at the speaker, with the button sellotaped down so it was playing out to the warehouse.


BBBBBBZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz BBBZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

england got knocked out of the world cup by a extremely superior germany. cue talks of "where they went wrong..." and "where they got fucked over...". yawn. they were never ever going to win were they? really?

i played the braunstone carnival. it was well good good fun.

casino skates closed, it became harder to get your new copy of vice.


toy story 3 hit cinemas. MOOESH

fluff mania balled through, i bought loads. still got loads left. i dont know how i went off it so quick. its weird. when i got this shit it was a hidden gem, now its fucking everywhere. i dont want to say wicked-land made it happen but... do the maths.

billy worked at booker for a few weeks. lunch breaks were really really great.

jr went back to cali!

summer sundae happened! this was a really really good weekend. pure mud and kirsty shendoe.

i did probably my most stupid thing of the year. got to luton airport a day early for my flight out to bulgaria. here is the stub of my coach ticket back to leicester, for one night.


actually went on my holiday to bulgaria and greece with valena and her family. greece was mad mad hot, really cool.

i got back from my holiday and they had got rid of the radio in reception. something about broadcasting laws. its been cold since, so see me on reception with my woolly hat on with the headphone going round the back and over my ear, hidden by the hat and the collar. loooooooooooooool.

started doing those tuesday nights with darryl at superfly. teaching rooms full of people about wicked-land. im gonna put it out there and say it, pretty good fun for a tuesday night.

kyle started tattooing himself.

a few shocks on x factor ensued.

logan sama got interviewed for wicked-land. very drunk and not very good. we were basically just telling him that p money has ruined grime. he as ever remained impartical.

E.D.L came to our city, it all kicked off. pure police. i missed it, because i was at work. wanted to go and get some good pictures.

royal chicken's shutter came down with no warning. it subsequently closed. this is when fully fledged peri peri mania set in.

this is how i was dressed in the final hours of october. my sisters fancy dress halloween/birthday party. me and valena went all g'ed up. noooooormal.


went for a meal and a night out for dans leaving doo. him and katie are now in new zealand.

the night went mental, keiran from work was out smashed off his face. buying everyone drinks. look at everyone faces, then his. it was a nice send off for dan though.

went to see jeremy kyle get filmed with brad, geo and jamie. chatted to jeremy for a bit, dont worry about it. still waiting for our episode to come on. shouldnt be too long now!

saw chromeo in manchester with the lads. it was a good gig, they played really well.


went to some crap food place on narbs called cheif chipoka. yes, that is a fried egg next to boiled rice and baked beans. its been open about a month, and the shutter is down all the time now. peri peri was open on christmas day. thats dedication.

had a wonderful xmas dinner with the boys at mine and johns. one of my favourite nights of the year.

the staff christmas doo too. went to the real china, it was shit, gave everyone the shits. then we went out on the town. good fun.

lady gaga in london with valena and my sisters. good show, sat miles away from the stage, and saw some amazing people.

won a nice big bet on the x factor.

that was my year, i hope its brought back some memories and thankyou to those who followed through-out 2010.

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