Monday, 31 January 2011


ah, still no internet at home. im in the library keeping one eye on the transfer day deadline stuff. torres is meant to be on his way to chelsea anytime soon, apparently liverpool have agreed a bid for andy carroll.

i was sat next to this in a lecture last tuesday afternoon. it was far too tempting.


working in provisions at work, and put out a president brie wheel. i was imagining it was a cheese pizza, with each slice individually wrapped. imagine hammering most of this whilst watching a DVD and chilling? oh, the delicious calories.

i saw this in the paper too. it was a doll, an expensive one at that (£86 IN INSTALLMENTS.)

from what i could gather it is for adults. i read the bit of blurb and it said that it is almost lifelike.

from the website:

"Emily's Celebration Of Life

She's won the hearts of the world! Linda Webb's Baby Emily doll is so amazingly true to life you just won't believe she's not a real baby! Emily is a very special So Truly Real™ collectable lifelike baby girl doll, crafted of RealTouch™ vinyl with tiny folds and creases in her skin just like a real baby! From her hand-applied baby-fine hair, wondrous eyes and delicate eyelashes to her tiny finger and toenails, she's simply perfect!

Linda Webb dolls are highly prized among collectors, and this realistic baby girl doll is available only from Ashton-Drake. She's dressed in a pink knit jumper, delicately embroidered and decorated with tiny "pearls" and ribbons, matching panties and socks, and a tiny pink bow in her hair. She even has her own pink dummy, for those quiet moments when she's snuggled in your arms! Be prepared to lose your heart to Emily's charms - order now!"

i just dont understand it. all i can think is that its for people who cannot have a baby, but surely they would not want this?

wayne rooney.


i went to the post office place up meridian and finally got my two parcels. last time i went, the bloke scheduled them for re delivery, marking it out in the book and giving me a date to expect them on. and in his own words he 'just forgot'. i was fucking fuming. honestly, who hires these incompetent pricks? say i took the day off work and lost out on money to get that delivery? then what? he couldn't have gave less of a shit.

i did loads of uni work the day after. one of the parcels was the toy story 1,2 and 3 boxset. i watched all three back to back and really enjoyed it.

jimlad and john played a street fighter best of three, with £2 down each. the first round was choose your own player, the second was random and the third was choose your opponents player. jimlad won the first match, john won the second and the third, by the skin of his teeth scooping a cool £4 cash.


some mad bit of the market has been knocked down. me and max stood looking at it for a while and then realised that it was only more stalls that were there. still it looked really weird, it will be interesting to see what they build there.

big tasty enjoying a max.

i did something a bit immoral. basically, to put up a heart shaped piece of paper in the window of a charity shop on silver street it costs two pounds. the money goes to charity, i just thought to use the space effectively instead of writing a soppy message. charitable? yes. immoral? also yes.

careful! dont get this confused with your eggs and oil mayonnaise.

just as me and sasi finished our lunch break, keiran and jake started there's. we had a photo to note this moment in time.

booker saturday line-up 2011.

tiklesh is the blur behind trav (top right) and jason wasn't about. other than that this is everyone! we were presenting the safe boss who is leaving with a bottle of jagermeister in some presentation case as he was leaving. it was #MOASH

i had a hairy chip in peri peri last night too. this was the first one of the week. almost went a whole week without having one! (a peri peri, not a hairy chip).

i hope you have enjoyed, i will have fish for you tomorrow. cheers!

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