Tuesday, 11 January 2011


so im back to uni, and with my new cd all wrapped up and finished im really looking forward to getting stuck in with no distractions. here are some things that have been happening over the last week or so.

this sign made no sense in asda the other day. i dont know. john asked me to get him something to "help him feel better" from asda, so i got him a smoothie, reduced to 20p. irish moss, it didnt describe itself very well on the bottle. it was kind of like if you dont know by now, you dont deserve to know.

it was thick it texture and consistency, kind of like really runny porridge. john choked down half a glass without much complaint. he said it was like a herby, cinnomony sort of thing. hard to describe, he said.

coke are about to release a whole range of 500ml cans, starting with zero. keep an eye out for those. thats wicked-land doing its best just to let you know whats going to be hitting the shelves.

also hitting shelves, there is a new chilli beef pasta pot from tesco's. i might try it tomorrow and do a video review. not had it yet.

ALSO HITTING SHELVES!!!!!! (fucking hell, three brand new products in one post. wow) this is the spring water from our economy range, euro shopper. PM29p, i cant see anyone buying this as it genuinely does look like paraffin or barbeque fluid. why put red and yellow on a bottle of water? i know they are the corporate colours for the euro shopper range, but a little red and yellow band around the top of a picture of a lake or whatever would sort that out. i cant see this selling greatly.

eboue dresses the best doesn't he? this is him coming on the pitch to shake hands after the 0-0 draw with man city last week. fake michael buble has to get his fucking head in too.

i started writing my dissertation this week. its so poor. i used to love writing essays, but now its all fucking references and bibliographies. fuck that bullshit. id rather go to the toilet and find a watch.

i went to the toilet in the library and found a watch. pretty buzzing as that was more or less exactly what i wanted to happen. its not very nice, mind. im going to sell it on ebay i think and see how much a can get for it. if i make a pound, ill be over the moon. ps. who takes their watch off when they have a shit?

in case you needed a ticket for the leicester vs man city cup tie and didnt want to go online or to the stadium, you could have picked one up from the cyprus kebab house on narbs. do you think you need a license to sell tickets?

my new ipod came. its very emotional. the battery life lasts forever and ive got so much music on there. its a mythhhhhhh!

england won the ashes last week also! for people who dont know; the ashes is a cricket series in which every other year or so england take on australia in a contest to see who keep the ashes trophy. it dates back to 1882 when england used to travel over there and play a team of aborigines.
we won the series 3-1 (won 3 matches, lost 1, drew 1) and the three that we won we won by an innings. basically, each team gets two chances for every player to bat (an innings), and the three matches england won, our boys scored more runs with one innings (one chance to bat each) than australia did with 2. by alot. we fucking pasted them so so bad.

had a little twoten breakfast with jamie. it was really nice as ever, the last few times we have been we have sat at the same table. i think its our table now and we have the right to remove people who are sat there in future.

this was good also. i usually end up buying a copy of FHM most months, for a read when travelling or something. i signed up to this thing where its a annual subscription and you pay just £1 an issue. they continue to come right through my door. its so easy and chilling.

seen this rough rider in peri peri. sunglasses at night, and indoors AND not in a club. couple that with the backwards hat and you have got me scared to take a picture. he was having a chicken breast burger, same as mine.

me and jamie went for food at Vilis, some Lithuanian and Slovakian bar/restaurant in the week. we spoke about sorting out a format and criteria to mark new food places as they feature often and it would be nice to have some consistency. here it is.
NAME: Vilis bar/restaurant.

LOCATION: Narborough road, Leicester.

FOOD: the food really was not brilliant at all as you can see from the picture above. i asked for stuff peppers, that from the menu were described as pepper stuffed with rice, vegetables and pork mince. this is a recipe that valena often cooks, so i knew what sort of thing to expect. the woman behind the bar said that it doesn't actually come in the pepper though, they cook the mixture in the pepper and throw the pepper away. i got 3 small pink meatballs, with chunks of boiled potato swimming in a tomato sauce. jamie enjoyed his mousaka with bread though. 2/10.

ATMOSPHERE: the atmosphere was really wicked. we thought it would be odd at first, just because it always full of burly euro men drinking, but it was really good. we had a right laugh and stayed on for a few drinks after. the staff were regularly chatting away to us, and the regulars enjoyed interacting with us as we were something they weren't used to seeing in there. 7/10.

DECOR: the place wasnt amazing, but it was nice enough. had a strange homely feel to it, but that's kind an eastern europe thing anyway isnt it? 5/10.

SERVICE: the service was really good. the little european woman who served us had a good rapport and table manor, and an english bloke who owned the place and served us drinks from behind a bar was very nice and enjoyed chatting to us about why we chose to go there. the food was quick too. 8/10.

PRICE: the meals were £5 (but not amazing) and the drinks were cheap too. £2.50 pints of budweiser. 7/10

CONCLUSION: the food was a bit rubbish and you could tell it was cheap and hurried. but all in all it was a really good night, and i enjoyed being in that place. if the food was better, i would deffo be going back again to eat. all in all, i think this was a good place to go for a drink, but not for food.

FINAL MARK: 29/50.

and towards the end of the night there was a genius guy with an acoustic gut air playing slovakian rock ballads.

this is jake getting a bollocking at work in the bosses office. i took a picture of him getting that bollocking.

i really really like this guys hand writing in peri peri. me and max have slightly different orders, so he writes on the lids so we can tell which is which. lovely isnt it?

this traitor was in pez too. word is spreading further and further.

i finished writing my essay. i know its not brilliant, but it wasn't bad. im glad to get it done with. some lad from our course posted on facebook that he finished his and wrote "the last essay i'll ever have to write." i thought that was a really nice way of looking at it.

when i went to hand my essay in there were loads of other students knocking about handing work in. i saw one guy that was a dead ringer for ex roll deep member and grime scene legend, trim. here is a picture of trimbal for those of you who dont know him, to marvel in the resemblance.


had a boring lecture today at 9.15. really didnt want to go. forced myself out of bed. got there. at the end, realised i literally didn't need to go. felt deflated.
thats all really. hopefully gonna have some drawings for you next week, and some other bits and bobs. thankyou for looking and feel free to write in the comment box in the top right hand side of the page. cheeers!!

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