Friday, 21 January 2011


woke up on thursday, this is how i got down. come follow me.

buttered two toast. (warburton's toastie bread.)

grill and middle slice two sausages, i went for my lincolnshire sausage. i love that shit.

grate some great cheese on the sausages. i went for the cathedral city mature.

2 rashers of grilled bacon on the cheese. speed is essential at this stage to get the melt going. i burn the bacon slightly too so it burns on the edges.

some heinz beans on the bacon. not too much, but just enough.

a squirt of brown sauce on the lot. see me with HP. (named so because it originated in the houses of Parliament. booom wicked-land knowledge.)

flip the other slice of toast, cut in half and serve. i know this photo makes it look a bit messy, but i couldn't fuck around taking long taking a picture. i wanted to eat this shit. it was goooood.

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