Tuesday, 18 January 2011


As i write this sentence Leicester are away to Man city in the F.A cup third round replay, and its currently 1-1, 29 minutes gone. ill do my best to keep you up to date with whats happening.

I used to be more into making masks than i am now. i saw this face on the side of a box of make up removal wipes at work and thought "yes. im going to have this." so i had it. made that shit.

also saw this on my lunch. really into it. i inspected it and it seemed to be real. from lithuiania too. (leicester have just gone 2-1 down, viera scored from a couple yards out 37 minutes gone.) i sent the picture to jamie and he said it made him think of some strapping european bloke in stone washed jeans with sunglasses resting on his bald head going about his business. (3-1 now, goal by adam johnson. cup run over?)

there was nothing in the tesco snack section when i went. i asked at the counter if they had missed a delivery or something and they replied "no, the business people just clear us out every morning."

two things. i know this isn't true. as you probably all know, i go to this tesco a lot. most wednesdays. and they always have a lot of stuff, this was an oddity. second thing, if the business people do clear them out every morning, start ordering more stock in and make more money?

(its half time, 3-1. george just send an obvious group text saying "hey, is anyone watching the football anywhere?" jimlad received a text, me and max didn't. make of it what you wish.)

this picture is of that lad who chucked the fire extinguisher off the roof when all the students were going mad over rising uni fee's in london. he is being sentenced to 3 years.

this is why i dont want to be known as a 'student'. i study. i am studying. people like this are the poster boys of being a student. fucking stupid pale 'dungeons and dragons' guys with crap hair who live on the internet and survive on beans on toast.

on the other hand, i really dont know how to feel about this, because if a copper died of getting his head smashed in by a fire extinguisher, it would be a great thing. i dont give a fuck about people saying "he could just be a family man, who puts his uniform on and does a good job." im yet to meet a policeman like that. who do you seriously know and hold dear to you who would regard it as a feasible career choice to become a policeman? i just really dont know. i want him to go to prison, but i wish he actually killed the police man.

that old dog charlie sheen is apparently getting a bedful of gentleman's favourite bree olson. do a google image search to find out more, there are plenty more blogs for that kind of thing, and this is not one of them!

(second half kicked off.)

is this what glory supporting has become amongst children? i remember being a kid and lads coming into the playground wearing 'beckham' shirts after he scored a significant free kick once. this is mental. why does his dad let him do this? lets take you to the cinema in full real madrid strip. ozil was good at the world cup, so why not get him on the back? (still 3-1, 53 minutes.)

the queue was a hype, because there is a few different films showing that are worth seeing. me and dave didnt queue up, we got tickets from a self service machine with no queue, but you dont get your orange wednesday 241. you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

thats right, our old friend dave from work. me, him, his girl laura and valena went for a nando's and cinema. here are us in nando's. after this, when we went to go round to the cinema, and used the tickets bought 20 minutes prior. the queue had disappeared. we asked the woman at the desk and she refunded us half our price and granting us our 241. beating the system.

we went to see 'meet the little fockers', it was shit.

remember i remarked about the wonderful handwriting in peri peri? someone else wrote on my burger box with writing that was not quiet as remarkable.

some people were in the library drinking from these elaborate tea urns and eating biscuits.

*sub note: i do not have internet at home until february 22nd due to changing internet supplier, so ill be in the library a lot until then.

(67 minutes, still 3-1, crowd are a bit quieter.)

i drew larry david. thinking of doing a uni project on him.

saw some attention seeking wasteman up near uni. a 15 stone big baby rolling around on a long board. he crashed into the wall here. ive seen him for a few days now, he will do things like hold it under his arm, and then cross a road on it, and then pick it back up.

(leicester free kick, waghorn taking... hits the wall and bobbles up, and turns into nothing.)

skating off.

had a woman come into uni today and talk to us about writing kids stories. we have to write and illustrate a kids book for one project. it was a surreal morning, although very informative and relative we were basically getting read small childrens book's by a woman who writes them. she was very into the reading, and put on different voices for different characters as she went through them.

(81 minutes and dyer has just scored to make it 3-2. something good could happen now. fingers crossed. the ref got involved, thanks for that.)

these three indian girls were clucking on facebook looking at a picture of an indian lad with massive muscly arms. if you look closely, you can see, he is at the left of the photo posing with his arms going along the bottom and up the right side. they were being so fucking loud and whiny.

(leicester on the break in the 86th and its a real sense of urgency. this is good to watch. now its a corner for leicester... good bit of pressure in the box by leicester, man city break and kolarov scores from outside the box. football has officially been ruined by money. 4-2 man city.)

thanks for reading anyway, i hope you all like the new colour scheme too. see you over the next couple days.

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