Friday, 3 August 2012


Hey, wassup wicked-landers!? (in the voice of an over-enthusiastic substitute teacher) Here are some cool things i have been enjoying from the internet recently!

I don't know where this is. It reminded me of a bobsleigh run. cool shit man.

This is pretty cool, I like weird rubix cubes. I saw a picture not to long ago of a massive one, with loads  of squares on each side. I thought this was wicked though, i bet it would be so so so militant.

I don't even know what this is. I think I'm getting more and more into still life photography when i used to really dislike it. i suppose if it is an interesting subject then it makes it an interesting photo right?

what wonderful colours, i love the way everything that isn't white is like a browny/purple colour but still looks really cold. bantastic

This looks good doesn't it? from the squareness of the cliffs to the still thick colour of the water, i could look at this photo for a very long time, what a cool place. I wonder where it is.

Hand rendered type should never die.

LOOOOOL so into this, what a cool idea! Usually those photos that people share on Facebook make me so mad, but I'm into this.

check these out too! my friend Victor shared this on Facebook. I think more so than ever in my life this made me wish i liked eggs. imagine having a little kid, and making them these for breakfast for them. leave it yeah

hills are cool aint they? and autumnal trees. this looks like one circuit on the first gran turismo game, do you remember the one? it was in japan if memory serves me right.

This is cool to look at, but I'm not sure how good it would be. I've got a feeling it would be like when you sleep on sofa cushions and they slowly slip apart from each other and you constantly have to push them back together. if they stay together it could be really fantastic. nice idea though, right?

This is on some advert at the minute, just a short clip of it. Nadia Comaneci, a romanian gymnast who took the first ever perfect ten score in the 1976 olympics.

If you are not interested in the routine please just skip forward to 25 seconds in to watch her dismount, its beyond graceful, so beautiful. you know when you are watching a skate movie and someone does something really bizarre and you have to watch it about 5/6 times just to be sure what actually happened? the same thing happened with this for me.

Also man has been vybzing to this a bit recently. 100% Moesh by Boy Kid Cloud AKA my mate Darryl. This was the final track from his recent EP 'A better Version of Me' released on inspected about a month ago.

I can't stress how much I'm into this, I like a lot of the music he makes a lot, but this blew me away. If you like progressive music, and electronic music and have not already heard this, please give it some time and fully immerse yourself in it, its one of those songs where i with i could have the first time i heard it again.

download the EP here for £2.49

thats the stuff i have been enjoying. carribean carnival tomorrow so hopefully have a little wave in the day, praying for a bit of sunshine. cheers for reading people!

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