Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I think I'm becoming an adult because all the time I feel pissed off, or upset about things. I feel like most of the time i spend my time worrying about stuff, and i can't help it. I used to be so happy. I just need loads of money and good weather and ill be fine. I had an absolute shocker this weekend, and its really ended up costing me a lot of money. money i don't have at the minute. it upsetting, being alive.

Look at this delicious sandwich I made. I used the left over ingredients from when i was making some mad sandwiches the other day and just went in. it was laaarvley.

Last week I went for nandos with the mandem. it was really nice. i had a whole chicken, but asked for 4 of the breast parts. i got it free because it was my 10th stamp on the loyalty card. also, they accidentally gave me an extra spicy rice. i had a right fucking feast.

over the weekend i got sent the best pictures ever. i think it was the strongest weekend for receiving pictures, via MMS, whatsapp and tweets. brad sent me this gem.

this woman was absolutely chipping down new walk, pure weaving in and out of people on her scooter. its mad how fast these things actually go isn't it?

FHM asked the question is Mac Miller the new Eminem... but better? In every single element and potentially aspect of the word 'better' the answer is no. Im not a particularly big Eminem fan, i don't think i have any of his music on my iPod for example but you have to have the upmost amount of respect for what he has achieved. also its no secret that he is super talented, technically one of the greatest rappers of all time. ask any rapper what they think of eminem. Eminem single handily changed the worlds views on what it was to be white and be a rapper, I can't believe they would disrespect his dynasty by comparing him to some white wiz khalifa rebore girls rapper, new kid on the block. mental.

work men hard at work then... oh no, literally not a man in sight. should this be allowed? this massive eye sore taking up all this space? shit like this pisses me off, but then they will make such a big deal about a little bit of graffiti because of the way it looks.

nice stars tattoo on this womans back in mcdonalds.

Max joined the red van wanker brigade. we already know he doesn't wear socks with jeans anymore.

and while we are on fashion, check out my mans stretchy metallic shirt! how loud. i can't imagine wearing something like this, like surely he knows he looks like a tit. Ill gladly wear things nobody else does, as will all of my friends, but what was he thinking when he bought this?

the total garage on narborough road has turned into a shell and they are gassing (lol) trying to get people to buy their meal deals. thats a fucking quote isn't it? this really doesn't work. it doesn't make me think... oh, it must be the best sandwich ever then! it makes me think that John Thorpe from Canvey Island, the guy who said this has not had very nice sandwiches in his life. 

I came across a sicko shop yana. Cherry stores, near pure gym. they had a fantastic selection of items, they had literally the full range of blackfriars flapjacks, I'm talking some yolo flavours i don't think i have ever seen. 'date and walnut'...'rum and raisin'...'cherry and coconut', very nice. can you imagine working for them? i bet you get bare nice samples.

they sold loads of delicious soft drinks, all nice cans of fruity pop, and they were all so so cold. sounds stupid, but you know those super cold fridges that make drinks get drops all over them? this was like that.

a fantastic selection of sweets and confectionary. really, really good stuff. it shot into one of my top shops in leicester as soon as i entered. fantastic stuff from cherry stores.

it was the carnival on saturday. there was some fantastic people around. this guy looked like a drawing, what a cool guy.

my man was on his YOLO fashion shit. not being sarcastic but being serious, i bet he has a great personality.

sure enough the rain came. we tried our best to endure it, but it was so so heavy.

i got stuck under a tree in some of the heaviest rain I've seen in all of my life. you literally couldn't see 50 yards in front of you because of the rain. i was as wet as possible, soaked to the bone. when i got in i wrung out my underwear. it was like i had jumped in a pool. sure enough my phone broke too. I had to claim on my insurance to get a new handset. effectively I paid £50 to go to the carnival for an hour. genius, genius weather.

i kept thinking i want to go to kingston, Jamaica and tell some guys that we celebrate their culture every year and then show them photos. I'm sure they would look at photos of the rain and simply say, no, you don't celebrate our culture. what is this dogshit rain? the weather is such bullshit.

well thanks for reading. sorry about the delay with the post too, as you must have guessed, i was without a phone for a few days. i missed out on getting pictures of bradleys birthday! ill see what i can get together from other people. cheers guizzzzzzz

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