Monday, 20 August 2012


alright guys, its called wicked-land. I'm listening to a couple of old wicked-land podcasts from back in the day, I think we are gonna do some more soon. here is an old one, you might enjoy it if you have not heard it before. we collected newspaper clippings (you can see them here) and discussed them.

I found this on some art blog i check pretty regular. I really like the colours in the background, and the purple foreground works well with that doesn't it? very nice.

there is something real nice about umbrellas shot like this. i really like this photo for the muted colours.

again, photos of a large amount of the same thing. this is a bit 500 days of summer but besides that, it looks nice doesn't it?

this is reeeal good. some guy posted it up on Facebook, a real original sound. I really like all three of the artists on this track, and the beat and hook are bad boy shit too.

the video is nicely shot. Its got this ambigram at the start. not sure what 'blacksmith' has got to do with the tune, but what a sick logo.

A nice photo from Dustin Aksland.

I don't even know what i think of this. someone carved up some booked and painted them to make them look like waves. i think its really good to look at, i would love to see it close up.

loads of chairs sooooo

loads of people soooooo

so everybody knows that the first stay fresh after hours set on logans show was unreal. a week ago they recorded a second one, really exciting stuff. stay fresh are a grime crew from birmingham who are fantastic and have so much energy. just click halfway through the video and give it 5 minutes if you are not a massive grime fan, I'm sure you will enjoy what you see and hear.

thanks a lot for reading, I really wanna get a new podcast out. ill let you know when the wheels are in motion. MOESHEN

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