Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I came across this guy a little while ago. He is an Illustrator from Britian (surprisingly elusive and short on his websites bio) who has a fantastic eye for colour and shapes. All of his work kind of reminds me of the future, as if depicted from the seventies. loads of dull greens, browns and oranges. I went through his website and picked out a bunch of my favourite stuff, and also during my research I found this website, where Lyons himself talks about his process, and explains his digital painting techniques and how he maps his colour ways. very, very interesting stuff. I love his sharp shapes so much, and his perspective is simply wonderful. so inspirational.

the brush strokes on the white parts of the waves here are so lifelike, but still so in fitting with his style. and the colours in the water, so nice.

the perspective in this piece is phenomenal, I love the shadow under the table.

the red light on the gentleman on the left from the back of the car here is so nice, isn't it?

I hope you appreciate his work and enjoy it as much as i do. be sure to keep an eye on his website, he is constantly updating and posting new work on there. thanks!

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