Wednesday, 22 August 2012


WASSUP WICKEDLANDERS?! Its not a very long post this week, not a great deal has been happening. I've not seen a lot of crazy people to photograph, but here is the main stories this week!

they are having a ladies night at molly o'gradys. someone had drew this little chap on a chalk board. sandy spotted it and we found it highly amusing. i love little shit drawings like this.

I got timelined on Facebook. I wish i knew the general consensus regarding the whole timeline thing. some hate it, some really enjoy it. i don't think I'm a fan. the cover photo opportunity is nice, but besides that i don't really like it. if you read this and are on Facebook, comment on the post and let me know if you are for or against timeline. a fucking wicked-land poll, if you will.

alan sugar posted this picture on twitter of a little hand made model bike. good isn't it? look at the intricacy and craft of like the handlebars and chain. real cool miniature shit man.

the photo doesn't do it justice but i cooked a real nice bangers and mash dinner for me and max. i make gravy like a mother fucker too, everything from the fat of the sausages, a bit of chilli powder and a bit of hp sauce in it. my gravy is the deliciousist gravy around looool chill.

fringe festival last week. me and brad rolled to see these furrows play at firebug. they were sick as ever and played a couple new tunes.

BIG SHOUT OUT TO MAN LIKE JORDAN GUNN YEAH? JORDAN GUNN. he pulled me to one side and was like 'are you sam, from wicked-land? put me on the blog please?' these are the people of wicked-land. Jordan Gunn, you're a top wickedlander. (he paid a one off payment of £29.99 + VAT for the privilege.)

i hate this new fashion of young people busking. its not fucking london and you are not homeless. gallowtree gate is not the fucking london underground. every cunt who plays an instrument feels they need to go out into the street and force their sound onto people, it really pisses me off. this dippy beg was playing a little guitar in the pouring rain. how cool does that make her look?

Since Juno came out there has been a real rise in being content with the little things in life. Im sure if no other humans were alive this girl wouldn't be out in the rain getting soaked and playing her instrument. i bet she would just be at home, its just to be perceived a certain way by the people around her.

some delicious treats for the return of match of the day on saturday night. i love milk flavour sweets like i love banana flavour yoghurt. very serious.


its been a while since we had a dead animal on wicked-land. i saw this fantastically dead pigeon in town on sunday.

that evening i went for a nice nandos with the mandem. it was literally one of my favourite nandos ever. i had a great time, everyone was on really good form. you like that Javes shit? topping and tailing the blog post with his friendship and presence? BANTASTIC

I don't know what to say, its been a weird week. I feel like no matter what happens as long as you learn from something and don't make the same mistakes again then its probably a good thing because things that have happened to you dictate the person you become in life. However bad you may feel in a single moment, you will not always feel that way and i suppose there is some grace in that. I made a mistake when i was 17 and have spent every moment since considering it, looking for warning signs and not letting it happen again. I feel in years to come i will treat this week like that. situations you find yourself in shape how you live your life.

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