Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I had a fucking splendid weekend this weekend, nice and full. here is some stuff that has been going on though, enjoy!

Had a Mad Max burger at barbecue base. you see at about 10 o clock on the plate that yellow sauce? yeah, thats cheesy mayonnaise. chill out a little bit please, careful you are not accidentally too delicious. also, i had a lovely, thick mixed fruit juice drink with it. Peri Peri is like something i crave and have to have pretty regular, but i think of Barbecue base like more of a treat. more of a meal on a plate with a knife and a fork.

this was in the counter at some european shop. apparently it was some cake, like a mash of sugar and wafer. it looks like shit doesn't it!? me and max were pointing and taking the piss out of it, then the guy in the shop came and let us have a little taste. it was shit. just plain crap shit. I want to go to fucking Lithuania or wherever this shit comes from and show them a twix. let them have a little go and say look, its fucking delicious isn't it? stop making this crap shit.

bottles of 'party drink' were £1.99. is that not the most dope shit you've ever seen? copping one of these soon for a big occasion.

they were giving out free mountain dew energy in town. its so delicious. apparently they have been doing so all week.

that cheap sandwich shop has finally opened up near town hall square, it was a replacement for the old one that shut down. me and miles ran through and copped a couple quick sandwiches.

we enjoyed them in town hall square with our free mountain dews. loads of really nice fillings, and how cheap they are, they were really quiet nice. Ill be going back.

more chinese people trying to come over here and break the rules with umbrellas. its not that. it was a lovely hot day. embrace it.


i get off the train and saw a man wearing a leather t-shirt. i couldn't get a good photo, it was too bait, but can you imagine? a short sleeved leather t-shirt. the guy behind the ticket counter where he was stood looked at me in shock. i said 'It's not everyday you see a man wearing a leather t-shirt' and he agreed and gave me the seal of approval. the fact he looked like such a european fetish guy made it even harder to look at.

here are some feet that were on the northern line. you into that?

this woman was flicking through a newspaper and had her arm fully resting on my leg. she was over the armrest, ignoring it as a barrier for what is a socially acceptable amount of personal space and just straight on to my leg.

i felt so squashed and violated.

they had a tequila gun in this shop. as if tequila is not purposely made to make you feel awful, it comes in a gun instead of a bottle as a reminder haha. I'm so into that.

we were at cable for a dubstep night called Dub All or Nothing. Darryl was booked so me and him went through to shutdown quickly. Very Leng

Fucking cammers was back about. Obviously you know he moved down to london for a job and is living down there now. earlier that night him and his friend James went to see Nas and Kano at some exclusive party in a venue that held 350 people. they won tickets in this raffle thing. Kano took Ghetts with him and jamie got a photo with both of them. I can't imagine meeting them both. they are up there with Wiley, ricky gervais and Larry David with the people who i would most like to meet.

this guy was in the dance. i asked him to hold up a wicked-land W for the photo and his natural response was to put it onto of mine upside down. he was really happy with it, i think he is the first person to flip it on me like that.

dubstep makes people do weird embarrassing shit doesn't it. these two lads were both super sweaty, tops off, pure skanking in each others face, like a weird fight where you are not allowed to use arms.

we waited for mcdonalds to open at 6am for about 45 minutes. i like this photo, its like darryl and max are in a band or something and this is one of the press photos. anyway. here starts...

he had a bit too much fun and paid the price.

we got in mcdonalds. look at that. look at his face. like a smackhead getting a fix.

uncontrollable laughter on the way home, he was seriously in hysterics. tears, veins in his forehead. all of that.

when we were at the club still he was laughing, and saying to me that I'm going to have to look after him tomorrow. he was doing some of his little instagram photos on the way home.

he was seriously losing it by now. me and darryl were pretty much sobered up by this point but max was pulling posters off of walls and asking me questions aggressively about them. we got back to the hotel and had a little bit of sleep before we had to check out of the hotel at 10am.

life wasn't so fun for max later that morning. he spent the morning enduring violent bouts of vomitting punctuated by swearing at himself asking why he does it. he kept emerging from the bathroom with his eyes and nose streaming with various bodily fluids. god, it was making me and darryl laugh.

he went outside the hotel as me and darryl checked out and we lost him for about 10 minutes. we found him across the road like this.

left him to it for half an hour while we sat and enjoyed the sun. went to find him and he was here. it was a hell of a night for him hahaha

we went on and found a sicko sandwich shop. the panini fillings were inspirational. spicy jerk chicken and cheese...salami, mozzarella and peppers...mozzarella, sundried tomato and pesto sauce...real, real nice shit. 

also the 'spicy cajun chicken treat' hahahaha what a name. i bet it was blinding though.

serious levels. max didn't eat anything. me and darryl got a couple each and we went and sat on this grass and ate them and chilled in the sun. it was really nice.

later, before i had to get my train home i linked Jamie. we went to a little park round the corner from st. pancreas and discussed how london is treating him. he is getting along ok.

that night me, dan and bradley went along to a little gathering at lewis's house to celebrate his birthday. it was pretty cool, we sat around the kitchen table steadily getting pissed and spoke about everything. bradley made frienemies with Rosie loool.

I had a little rag around the new tesco. in the oriental section there was a sauce called 'mother africa' hahaha I'm so into shit like that. what a name for a sauce.

got home and cooked up some piffy food. I've started grilling this chicken in a different way to normal. Ill tenderise it and score it, lay it in the grill pan and then slice and squeeze two limes fully all over it, so the breasts are swimming in the lime juice. they soak more or less all of it up on a medium heat over about 10 minutes, then ill add some seasoning and turn the heat up a bit. Ive tried this twice and both times its been really juicy and tender. If you like cooking, give it a go.

Some very original flavours of blackfriars flapjacks at TJ supermarket on highstreet. I swear I've not seen these anywhere else before. i wanna know the full range.

Miles pulled up next to Toms car at the lights after football last night and did some great #Banter out of his #CarWindow lol. what a footballLAD lmfao #Bantz

we had to rush home! quickly after footy me and miles went down to the juniors EP launch. It was really good fun, they played siiick. you can download the EP for free below.

click the EP artwork (Designed by meeeeee) to go through to the band camp page where you can listen online or download.

thanks for reading guys, i hope after a week of neglectful blogging you feel a bit more fulfilled. cheers for visiting!

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