Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Fun, Fun, Fun. I'm back everyone. It's been a great week and I'm back.

They are doing some work in mcdonalds, in through another room upstairs. Im hoping it'll be a little VIP area where you can pay a pound more on your meal and not have to deal with groups of little toe rag dickhead kids, yorpy young single mums and retard staff who try to clear your table before you have finished. 

I saw my man early in the week. hi tops, bait gold watch, snapback, i thought this guy thinks he is young, chill out grandad.


I had a good look at what the guy in the subway window was up to. he always sits there and operates a business or something using there wifi. he had like a spreadsheet up with all numbers and was filling loads of stuff in. loads of different colours listed too. maybe some sort of gambling spreadsheet? I dunno, i'll keep looking.

had a good 2 hour long FaceTime with brad when i couldn't sleep the other night. FaceTime is the best thing. I kind of wish I had a wife and worked away so I could FaceTime her.

I went to see Klashnekoff at Dielectric on friday night. Me and Twisted Pennys supported. the place where it was was like the downstairs of sophbeck with a saw movie remix. nails hanging out of walls and all sorts. it was fucked.

I don't even know what this shit is. It was as big as my hand.

I saw this guy and at first it was a wicked-land slew season but then he come closer, let me take a picture of his t-shirt and I really warmed to him. what an inviting, friendly smile. If he is not a complete retard and I had a customer facing company I would give him a job and have him as part of my team.

The Dj played a song with heavy bass and the plaster ceiling started to full down in massive chunks. it was fucking mental.

The promotor fully fucked it. a hip hop legend like Klash came to our city and the best the promotor could pull out of the bag was literally about 10 people. the night was such a flop. we all spent the night stood in the smoking area with Klashnekoff chatting away to him, and then he came downstairs and did his set.

he was so drunk, and performed about 20 songs. it was cool, he did loads of songs i grew up with. those songs that you haven't heard for years, but still remember every single word. It was like an intimate live lounge thing that we had won tickets for in a way. He was rightly pissed off though, and every couple of songs he would stop and chat to people in the crowd, lazily taking requests and taking time to take the piss out of the promotor. he was like 'I asked for one bottle, as ever, a bottle of some nice rum...the promotor hasn't done so much as to put a glass of rum and coke in my hand all night.'

later he spoke about petrol money and not getting paid what they had agreed for the night. it was so embarrassing and awkward towards the end, it was such a weird experience. he was having a breakdown on stage, and talking about problems and shit like that. after he finished performing songs he started playing songs from his new mixtape (out last monday) and started calling it an unofficial launch party. he was just chatting to his Dj and after every song he played he would stop it, turn to the crowd and say 'you can leave now you know, I'm just listening to music... don't mind me'

but we couldn't leave because it was too awkward. it was now 3:30am. nobody dared leave because it was too weird hahaha. eventually he told us to go and said they needed to leave. I felt like he had been set free from an emotional hostage situation.

had to make this picture extra large so you can appreciate the YOLO levels of this outfit.


Myself, Max, Emma, Emma's friend (fuck off I'm sure she doesn't remember my name either) Brad, Dan, Gareth and his girl Zoe all watched the football in varsity on sunday. it was fucking smashing. the stuff super sundays are made of. I enjoyed one of their mexican burgers. very levels.

they have these new crazy bike racks on the train station. i think I'm into it.

we went out on sunday and these indian guys were balling in fat cats with a 6 litre bottle of belvedere vodka. NAH THAS BALLIN

We were on it, it ended up being a pretty fun night.

The Dj was playing such good music I just needed a minute quickly.

A fight kicked off in republic and as the door staff went to work one of them dropped his walkie talkie. We picked it up and after a couple minutes a couple of voices came over it saying 'please return to the front desk immediately!' well the Dj went into his drake medley. we were all grabbing it and singing down it haha

'DO NOT WRITE ON THIS BOARD', fantastic work by Max.

we downloaded this app the other night that is kind of like facetime but for group chats. Jodie couldnt get hers to work but me, Bradders and Adele had a good go at it. its a cool app called 'fring'

So that same guy from earlier? All week I have been showing people that photo thinking he was some genuis guy. Then I seen the same guy, about 5 days later and he has dyed his hair pink, popped on a tie dyed bob marley t-shirt and a little rasta hat. I didn't realise he was actually a mental.

speaking of mentals, we saw this guy ramping at someone in the garage on narborough road, pissed out of his head, proper going in on them.

He clocked us and followed us all the way from the garage to barclays bank and maryland, the whole way constantly speaking in a weird faux polish accent. we couldn't understand a word of what he was saying most of the time, he was so so fucked. constant slurring. he kept lifting his top up and trying to touch everyone, it was so funny and annoying.

He wouldn't fuck off. he did fantastically well to keep up with us because we were walking really quickly trying to lose him. At one point the one thing I understood him saying was that he snook his wife into the country like 250,000 other people past a white man with a big beard. oh, Narborough Road, you constantly out do yourself.

There was a stupid little pug outside the dance. The goggle eyed dog posed with it for a photo.

everyone was ramping over it. apparently it was this homeless guys. very shower.

Last night in religion was really fun, they had Dj Santel from birmingham in and he played some really good stuff. there was a load of us too, so it was a pure laugh.

Safe, thanks for reading, that's all for now! I'm going to portugal with Dan on friday for a week, So I'll try to do a little post from out there! NYYYYZONE

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