Monday, 12 November 2012



I've been bumping this so so hard recently. My mate Owen brought it to my attention, I just think its lovely. I think the lead singer comes across like a right dickhead, but none the less, what a voice.

Is this one of those really old pictures that you see all the time on the internet?

This is nice, isn't it? I like the way the buildings at the back are in a lighter coloured line.

I really like print with these kind of shapes and colours. I need to do more print work. When I was at uni it was a class I really couldn't be bothered about. I used to love working in the actual workshop but hated the crap shit they tried to get us to do at home. I think this is wonderful though, the lines on his arms are very leng.

if I look at this and im in a bad mood I get in a slightly better mood.

This is cool innit?

Another cool ambigram

I wanna climb this

Max sent me this and fucked up my day. I laughed so hard. I hope i forget about this then see it again in years and laugh so hard.

This should be the Hyena's logo innit


Finally some lovely colours. what a nice composition too.

as ever, thank you for reading and I hope you leave Wicked-Land richer than when you came in.

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