Thursday, 1 November 2012


I just went for it. I fancied it, and I just went for it.

I started with a soft white sub roll, cut it in half and spread some mexican chilli sauce on it. it's more mild than it sounds.

Then chopped up a little bit of red onion and started with that.

Then I added some cucumber. I think its very important that your cucumber is thinly sliced, the cucumber if sliced thickly can be a disruptive little ingredient.

Then I added some ham. I like the thin packet stuff, but if you want real ham, go for it. I used this little roll technique just to give it a bit of body. really loosely folded in half.

next I added some salami, I had a little nibble whilst I was putting this together and it was really spicy!

Then some chorizo, again, using that little roll method that I used with the ham.

I had a little walkway of cheese added to the middle of the sandwich. I like the real strong white cheddar, pure smelly stuff.

Grill that cheese, lets not play games. while I was making this I was thinking that cheese is kind of sandwich glue isn't it?

I added another layer of a different kind of chorizo, this was spiced with paprika and garlic.

Then I finely sliced some gherkins and told them to get involved. I understand some people think they are horrible; I've been wrong before too.

Obviously the jalapeƱos had to make a quick PA. A little trick is to take your jalapeƱos out of the jar and sit them on some kitchen roll for a minute so it soaks up the pickling vinegar. This way the vinegar won't over power every other flavour in the sandwich and it won't become a soggy mess.

I added a little bit of sweetcorn on top of our pickles. very nice, very nice. I love sweetcorn out of a tin, one of my favourite foods.

Finally I took some cheese singles, took them out of the packet and slice them four ways. this was just a nice little touch to make sure all the salad stays in place.

Obviously I had to grill that cheese too so it was all melting and hugging the salad. I added a little pepper and spread some sour cream on the underside of the top piece of bread.

That was my sandwich! what a beauty! I spent so long making this and really crafted it is almost a shame to eat it.


Just incase that isn't a boss enough lunch, go mental and make two for yourself. east those fuckers for lunch and then scream 'FUCK EVERYONE HERE' in every room you walk into for a week because you are the best.

Thanks for reading about my delicious sandwiches, I hope you go and make some!

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