Friday, 16 November 2012



I saw this guy post tigers match in an indian restaurant on narborough road still wearing one of those ridiculous jester hats. I can imagine he got too pissed up at the ruggers and everyone was like 'grandad, take that hat off, we are eating dinner!' and he refused. its his hat, you can't make rules for his life ok?

whenever I write out these weekly posts I'm never sure of what to call them and I usually fully write them and then review them looking for a recurring theme. as I uploaded the flicks for this blog post I saw a high percentage of the photos are to do with mental headgear. Its a very dominant feature this week!

anyway, we ordered in some beer helmets at work and i had a little go. Ive never wore one before. It was really uncomfortable haha

Ok so bird man is back about. I had reports that he has been in sheffield, but he has come back to lay claim to the city centre again. A couple of mentals are having a bit of a go at it, but can the old daddy come back and take the title belt again? I think his routine has become a bit boring and obvious. we need something new and exciting, birdman. we need you to surprise us. I would say 'go mental' but...

Ive seen this guy before, some old asian boyo. he wears cool shit that the dippy beg girls would die to own. like completely disregarding his jacket and the gold framed glasses he was wearing a kind of furry 5 panel cap, with pinned up ear flaps. he is so skeng he employs a street team who walk slightly behind him with a facial expression that says 'don't ever chat to man'

I can never remember this guys name, I know a lot of people do know his name. Ive got to give it to him, I think he is the current belt holder for 'top mental' in Leicester. that mental hat with his big gold watch and orange nike blazers (which I've heard are some pure expensive limited edition version) just makes him win. what an amazing guy. He has got a new bike too! big news.

It was really foggy when i left max's the other night. my life looked like a fucking instagram picture.

I used to work with this guy at Booker. since he left he has turned into one of the top chino boys in Leicester. This Facebook status is genius isn't it? It's genuine, its like a greatest hits compilation of cringe faux pas things you don't say in a Facebook status. I fucking loved it, things like this are a gift to the part of my brain that needs entertaining, how amazing. thank you, Ryan.

I wear down the womans hair is the illuminati. That arrangement of grips and that main square thing is definitely a free mason. she was sat in front of me on the bus and I thought I was at a Jay Z concert or the olympics!

Ok so you know some people wear A boards to advertise deli's and chicken shops and stuff? the new one from santander is a huge advert board in a case and frame that is worn like a backpack. Is that demoralising? where is this sort of thing going to end?

I went to Nottingham yesterday. you know this time of year when its bright and the sun is super low in the sky? that was pissing me off. look at this. I don't expect to have to content with this sort of light, just for the sake of seeing the things that are in my life. It was blinding.

This guy in this shop was wearing a huge mental fresh prince style print shirt, orange patent shoes and a purple bowler hat. whats the fucking point, think of your own comments on that.

We went to Ghost (the rebranded Manilla) yesterday to see joker play and have a couple of drinks to celebrate max's birthday. It was a weird one because Joker played a lot of remixes of really mainstream songs and some classics from the dub step/bass music scene. I suppose he can only cater for the crowd that is put in front of him, it wasn't really what I was expecting. It was a good set none the less.

Three people who I met in completely different ways and different times in my life that come from completely different circles all together. Is that as much of an anomaly as I think it is?

Zomby was in the dance, having photos taken of himself not wanting it to be known who he is, but still kiiiiind of wanting to be identified. Its almost the 'being a page 3 girl' of aninomity. 

Thanks for popping through, I hope you all enjoyed the post. Im trying to think of some kind of inspirational quote to leave you all with but I've got nothing.

I had a fleeting thought yesterday about how people say they would be really content if everybody else ceased to exist. sure, you would be fine, doing your own think, not having to worry about traffic and pointless small talk ever again, but after about 2 weeks there would be no yoghurt. Just saying.

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