Monday, 26 November 2012


Ok, so over the weekend twitter and Facebook was absolutely alight with rumours that on friday night a girl shit herself in a club in Leicester, supposedly at a DMU night. 'DMU' trended worldwide because of this rumour. There was no real concrete evidence out straight away, a lot of people talking about it and posting a couple of pictures that had gone viral.

I tweeted this to see if I could get any more information.

Sure enough a few of the twitter guys came through more or less all saying the same thing, that they too had heard it happened and had seen these two pictures (seemingly contradicting each other because of the position of the offending article) and shared them with me.

There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding where the incident had took place. people were saying it was an official DMU night, but the De Montfort University Student Union quickly went out of their way to dead those rumours. I heard Sosho, Chilli White and also Thread, with the majority taking Thread as the venue it actually took place at a night called 'Agenda'

In this vlog regarding the incident shared by 'Pinky GoGetta' she explains that the promotor outside of the club told her that she couldn't come in because 'some bitch done shit in the club!'

Anyway, the following day those same two images were floating around and a name started to emerge like a phoenix from the flame. 'Tanya Rahman' was being banded around, with a couple of people from completely different social circles bringing this name into the equation.

Besides from Nico sharing a picture tweeted by Craig Wardle, a girl I went to school with had this to say on the matter. Obviously I had to question it, and if you scroll down you can see my question and the answer she gave me highlighted in yellow.

This is the accused, in a photo taken from her Facebook account. You can see the similarity but given the quality of the viral photo it is hard to draw any conclusive thought.

I dug a little deeper and found Tanya on twitter to have a look through her tweets. Nothing on the night of the incident, but then again she isn't really a keen tweeter anyway. Rather than make it public that it wasn't her, she spent her night tweeting X Factor contestants about their respective performances at the weekend.

I found this among her tweets, in response to a conversation between @Pinky_GoGetta and @MrHypzOnline. Pinky's tweet explained it wasn't her, but the original tweet by Hypz had been deleted by the time I found this.

I thought it was only fair to give the accused a chance to give a statement regarding the incident. No reply as yet, I'll take that as a refusal to comment. I'll keep you updated.

My conclusion is inconclusive! After a quick reverse google image search I found this articles with the photo that surfaced supposedly of this Tanya girl. The photo has been in circulation since about february this year, quite obviously not her then. here are some results from the search. this photo obviously got dragged into it by someone as the events were panning out.

Wether there is a link between the other photo and this Tanya girl is yet to be seen, or if it was simply a case of mistaken identity from the february photo. I think somebody did shit themselves in the club, because of how quickly it all blew up. I'll keep an ear out and update you guys if I get a reliable eye witness account. A touch of the whole 'people getting ID'd in Mcdonalds' rumour around this one isn't there? a couple of individuals stirring the pot and adding to the lies to try and thicken up the story.


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