Friday, 30 November 2012



did anybody catch the Chelsea VS Man City game last weekend? god it was fucking drab wasn't it? how boring can football get? the highlight of two of the most exciting teams in 'the best league in the world' was Drogba watching on from a box just being a fucking shower guy. he is so cool.

Copped a quick Bar B Q base with Olly. Man this looked so fucking sick. I think its the salad in bar b q base that makes it look so sick all the time.

real skeng daddy food now. don't ever catch to man

I copped these Chocolate peanut cookies from the international supermarket. looking at them you think they would be the most unbelievably delicious thing ever right? they were bang average.

spotted this pear outside and it made me laugh. don't you think the little hole in it looks really like a mouth making a sound like 'auuuuuuuuu' hahahaha. I kept pointing at it and making that sound, it was really cracking me up.

frank got his old electric guitar back from his mum and dads house and was fucking around with it on sunday. walking around the flat with his little hip mounted amp strumming away. it kind of funny just waltzing around but still plugged into an amp, for the rockstar in transit.


This guy was in like a really smart office office kind of outfit with a lovely little shirt and tie but finished it off with some skin tight leather trousers. that's mental isn't it? like he looked pure smart and then just fuck it up wearing half bondage gear with it, why not.

Me, Max, Tom and Gwop boxed off pizza hut buffet on lunch the other day. we rolled at about 12:30, got our table, made our order and then went over to fill our plates. the restaurant wasn't particularly busy, but there was no pizza out. we waited for about 5 minutes annoyed that there was still no pizza coming. I asked a member of staff if we could have some and he said that some was on its way. about a minute later one little round waitress came down with two pizzas to a table surrounded by customers and said to us "I heard there was some moaning...?' i said that there was and she replied 'well I can't just put my hand in the oven and pull it out' dumped her pizza and marched off.

Dumb little dickhead, like we are being out of order for going to pizza hut around lunchtime and expecting there to be food out. the same amount of staff manage the same amount of customers every day, just be prepared and cook some fucking pizza for the people. she annoyed me, i might write a letter of complaint haha

This display was in Debenhams, obviously for christmas they are selling jars of various sweets. it was such a nice display and it was sick looking at them all together, i love collections of things. some of the jars were like mixed too, so halfway down they changed into another sweet. veeeery nice.

this bloke was in Mcdonalds doing a crossword. it blows my mind that people can enjoy doing crosswords in 2012. haven't we as the human race moved on from shit like this? If he doesn't want to jam on his phone like all the young people do then why not just read the paper? is that not more fulfilling? I dunno. If i ever go for a stay in hospital and one of you lot turn up with a bumper book of crosswords I will not be impressed.

This girl was being sick in town, casually outside Fenwicks in the day. she was walking with about 4 other girls then just dipped off and started being sick next to this bench. after she had finished she rejoined her mates. as i turned round to have a look at her she said 'better out than in' and carried on about her day as normal. She didn't have many teeth.

Thanks for having a read, hope you enjoyed your little trip to wicked-land. Im going to be recording a new podcast this weekend with a few of the guys, so make sure you keep an... ear out for that. FOREVER WICKED LANDING

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