Friday, 9 November 2012


I think I spend longer thinking of what to write at the top of the post than any other part. I usually end up on something to do with current affairs, or weather or whatever. Obama got back in didn't he? He had the most popular tweet ever off the back of it with about 600,000 Retweets and counting. It was the words 'Four more years' and a photo of him and Michelle Obama hugging. also, if you did want to go and put money on him getting back in the odds at the death of it were 1/5. short odds, but the definition of a dead cert, right?

My sister threw a fancy dress birthday party last saturday. Here is a photo of Bradley (as Mr Motivator), Dan (as Bane) and myself (as a bunch of grapes) at the party.

Beth and Tozmon were about

Mikky, Max and my cousin Tom also in attendance. look at Max hahaha

we later went on to republic and chilled there. It was a really nice night. my balloons didn't last long in the club. I lost about half of them getting in the taxi and then one random guy decided to pop one at the bar and then loads of strangers just went in on me. I lasted minutes!


In the window of the corner shop on Nutfield road there is a 6 x 4 exposure of a black cat stuck up. what does that mean? is this animal missing? it's literally just a photo, serving the purpose of a small poster. If i seen this cat I wouldn't be able to return it to its rightful owner because I do not have the information to do so.

This was on New Walk. the signs on the boxes read 'Free folders. Please help yourself.' As you can see, it was a pretty damp day. probably too damp to go second hand folder finding.

me and Frank are in a new gang now. we are the sparkler boys. you know the way people get mugged at knife point? me and Frank rob people at sparkler point. Very gangster innit? gangster and kind of fun and pretty at the same time. lets see one of these knifed muggers write his name out in the air with his knife. just saying.

JOHN IS BACK! he has been away in egypt for the last 8 months working. me and Max randomly encountered him the other day, the day after he got back. he is here for 4 weeks then he is off to france working at a ski and snow resort.

Paige cooked me a fucking delicious dinner the other night of Chicken wrapped in streaky bacon and filled with two different kinds of philadelphia, grilled med veg and boiled new potatoes. it was so, so nice.

One of those pop up shops has...popped up in town. A perfect shop. I was them selling big, mystery gift bags for £10, which the customers not knowing what is in them. that blows my fucking brains, they could handing over money for anything. say it is 'perfume', these are pure tramps selling this knock off shit, its obviously not going to be legit is it for a tenner? MENKUL

Some people wear cool stuff. look at the black guy on the left going to hold his hand over his mouth like 'DAAAAYUM, WACHOO WEARING!?'

I have so much respect for these guys, look at how shower faced he is. what a skeng guy. double walking sticks because he is a baaaawse. I hope when I'm old Im one of these guys.

I met gwopaz for lunch. we went to the international food fair to see what that was and ended up getting this half chicken BBQ and wedges for £5. the sauce containers were in massive rubber chicken heads for no reason, it made me laugh.

The chicken was like roasted on a rotisserie thing. everyone was pure jealousing. it was really nice, i got fucked over though. Olly got the good half, with a breast and a big leg, i got this swag shit that was mainly fucking gristle. The chicken i did manage to pull off it was very nice indeed.

we had these waffles after from some dutch waffle stall. they were £2 each and the guys at the stall warmed them up so the toppings were all melted. I had one with like banana yoghurt on it and Gwop had one with chocolate and peanuts. they were delicious. 

The Mcdonalds staff have got a new uniform, its fucking peeeeeak. I feel bad for the guys having to wear it. Hold tight Aiden though, I think this guy is my current favourite member of staff at any Mcdonalds. he is so safe and always makes dry little jokes, but in an endearing way. He is cool.

I cooked a nice steak last night and had some lovely vegetables with it. As I grilled the steak and veg I seasoned it really nicely with chilli powder so it was hot and spicy. veeeeeer delicious.

Bradley popped off to the garage last night and found this phenomenal treat. A bloke just lying on the floor. apparently the staff didn't even bother moving him, they just left him there and let him be hahahaha genius.

We went on to sosho last night. It's such a cool club they don't have any pint glasses, its a straight up short glass thing. Bradley was forced to enjoy a half of kopparberg hahaha, peak for him and his life.

That's all really, this week has flew by. I'll defy anybody to tell me that tuesday actually happened this week. Thanks for visiting wicked-land, keep your wristband on and you can get half off your next entry.

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