Thursday, 29 November 2012


It's that time again, here are some things I've seen this week that I enjoyed that I'm hoping you haven't and you can enjoy too. Firstly, something I'm guessing you will have heard.

This is Bruno Mars' new song. Despite it being a 100% shameless String/The Police bite I think its so sick, I can't stop listening to it. The harmony in the second verse is veeeeery leng.

Here is a nice photo I found

I think this is one of those .Gifs you can watch a lot of times and spot new stuff. look at the shell floating out of the top of the gun.

There is a new series on BBC at the minute called David Attenborough; 60 Years in the Wild. Its all about how advances in research and technology have helped to aid the development of David Attenboroughs documentaries. Really interesting stuff. This photo was the current cover photo for the second episode on Iplayer, I really really liked it.

It would be cool to be so bothered about books to have this many. I feel for young people, books are kind of like bicycles at the minute. they are supposed to serve a purpose but they just act as a begging tool to try and come across as cool and individual. Do you think the internet is going to kill book collections like this?

I love shit like this. Loads of cool symbolism like this in the TV show 'Lost', pure aztec shit.

This is sick too isn't it? I love the way the colours that make up the background are all sort of similar tones, and then the sky and foreground and a really nice contrasting red colour. palettes like this are wonderful.

Ive spent my whole week showing everyone these. they came to my attention last week and i know I'm super late but they just slipped under my radar. Big Narsite has been posing as a kind of agony aunt on one youtube channel and has been answering problems people are sending in to him. I adore the humour in these videos, there are about 16 on the channel, if you are in to em, check out the others cos they are all so funny.


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