Friday, 2 November 2012


ALRIGHT WICKED GOONS? This week has flew by, here is a round up of all the important news complete with pictures and words to make it just that little bit more interesting.

It was the Get Lesta What's Cookin? premier last friday at the boardroom. fucking loads of people turned up, got real drunk and watch the movie. It was wicked.

a lot of us went out on the piss after, loads of people had come from all over so it was wicked being out and about with a load of old mates.

very wicked-land indeed.

Everyone was having far too much fun getting far too pissed.

big up Will Miles though, I wish he was still in Leicester. When we both die in a car crash this will be the photo they use on the program cover at the funeral.

Frank turned up when we went to basement. Him and Darryl did a fun little photoshoot. imagine how great these pictures would be if they were taken with a cybershot. How have we made such great technological advances with mobile phones yet the cameras have never quiet been as good as on a cyber shot? was that too good? too close to what the people actually want?

Either way, enjoy these photos and try to accept the motion blur as part of the energy of them.

look at that. define buzzing.

It got out of hand when ezoworld started taking crutches off girls who really need them. thats not funny is it?

I laughed out loud at this. she is mouthing off about something and my man in the red turban is fully palm-facing just muttering 'bitch, shut the fuck up' looool. also, look at that fucking surname. peeeeak for Rajeev.

Had to draw for the big boy barbecue base the next day. turbo hangover cure. They have a whole new menu with loads of new bits on it, well worth a look if you are about. they are doing like steaks and things like that. this was a mad max burger (chilli sauce, onion, cucumber, grilled chicken, tomato, cheese, pepperoni) with peppers, mozzarella sticks and chips. just over £8

Tuesday night we went out to Religion and shot the video for 'Cash or Card,' the song that will become the first release from Nicely Waved. we got a load of good footage so hopefully ill be getting that sorted in the next couple of weeks.

We rolled along to the BLG 'Illuminati Slumber Party' mixtape launch after religion. Loads of people went and everyone was really pissed. frank was a zombie Al Capone soooooo

Wednesday night me and bradley repped the Leicester Uni Halloween Bar Crawl. it was pissing it down and not as fun as previous efforts. me and bradley got stuck with a huge group who were really hard to move around. I liked these guys though, dressed up as the turtles complete with their little mate as Master Splinter.

I did this little zip and fake blood thing. It felt like fucking heaven peeling this thing off my face at the end of the night. The fake blood didn't wash off very easily, It's friday as i write this, I'm about 5 showers on and you can still see a slight red triangle over my nose and mouth. not ideal.

I met and walked Natalies new dog yesterday. man like Elvis. I think he is a bit of a shower guy to be honest. He is from liverpool and Natalie got him from an RSPCA kennel. He really enjoyed his walk, hopefully it will be the first of many.

That's been my week, Natalie is having a Halloween/ Birthday party tomorrow night so I'll get some pictures of different peoples costumes and that! Cheers for reading. *French Montana Voice* 'Staaaaaaaaay wiiiiiiiickeeeeeeeed' loool

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