Thursday, 28 March 2013


So over the last year (and especially the last couple of months) I've had a few people messaging me regarding comments on my blog, when i've either berated a sub sector of people or singled out an individual and had a pop at someone.

The motivation behind people talking to me about these things varies. I've had people themselves message me saying that they themselves have fell victim to Wicked-Land, people messaging on behalf of friends, or people discussing views or opinions I have otherwise been ignorant to or not bothered to care about.

As easy as it is to issue a blanket response to these people it is starting to get to a point where I am sick of explaining the same thing to people, over and over again. So I thought it would be interesting to write this post so I can simply refer people to it, or in the hope that when these people visit wicked-land to find the photo of them or their friend or whatever that they have been informed about, they'll chance upon this post.

It is as simple as this: I don't care. Wicked-Land is my own personal space to post my own personal opinions and view on people and society I live in. By messaging me and informing me that you've seen it and you are pissed off you are not changing the world one bit. I guarantee you you will struggle to find someone as stubborn and convinced by their own thoughts as me. By this I mean you will not convince me that I'm wrong for thinking and saying what I think and say, so you're simply wasting both of our time. I hang around the same places, taking photos of people who I no doubt have mutual friends with, it is very, very likely that the people who appear on my blog will find out about it. There is nothing that I would say on here that I wouldn't say or think in real life, so nothing changes, it's simply a dumping ground for my thoughts and opinions. 

My regular readership and my circles of friends agree with the stuff I post and my views on people, places, sub cultures and whatever else, and this is why Wicked-Land will continue to be wrote in the same manor, with the same content and style. When I posed this to twitter last night Max tweeted me back and said 'It's a blog, not the news. I don't go on EDL blogs because I find them offensive.' That's exactly my point. The very nature of a blog is someones own space to discuss their own thoughts. By all means, start a blog and write about me. This isn't me saying 'leave me alone' because I'm bothered by people being offended by my writing and taking it up with me, this is me saying don't expect me to change, you're wasting your time talking to the person who is least bothered about what you've got to say or think. I'm still going to think the same thing I thought about an individual I did yesterday regardless wether I see them out and they tell me what I wrote was out of order, or if I get a strongly worded Facebook message.

By this same token, I've gunned a couple strangers down on here and had them pop up in good spirits and tell me they found it funny, and it doesn't matter to them. I sure I go to places where people hate me and think that I'm a dickhead. This is how it works. They say you judge someone within 20 seconds of meeting them, I simply voice type these judgements out. I sometimes talk about how strangers are so cool simply based on the way they look when they might well be serial rapists. I don't know, it's a snap judgement. Apologies if you fall into the category of people who are offended by what I write, sincerely. There are plenty of other websites where you can read grey, sit on the wall opinions about things, movements, people, culture and not get offended. I write Wicked-Land for the Wickedlanders; The people who think boys shouldn't fake tan. The people who cringe when they see a hashtag on Facebook. The people who also agree that despite being pissed off about what somebody who happens to live in the same city as you wrote about you on their little blog still think you're a div.


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