Thursday, 7 March 2013



I've not really been snapping away this week because after working hard towards the EP release, I've just been chilling. Imagine a load of photos of me watching football, eating peri peri and waking up late.

Had a lovely bit of dinner round Natalies the other evening. She made lamb burgers from scratch and we had them with this really nice rice with all vegetables in it, naan bread and homemade tzatziki. It was fucking marvellous.

You know Leicesters best mental? He came into a bike shop that I was in and started looking at bits and bobs the other day. I've found out quite a lot about it him from a couple of different sources. Rose told me that he used to pop in and see her at her old job all the time and bring her little presents and whatever else, and apparently he is a really cheery person.

I'll never get used to seeing full sized humans wearing romper suits out in the real work like it is just normal behaviour. I won't have it. Let alone a fully denim one, with stars and stripes on it. Don't do that to us please.

This was odd. A hanging basket that is a dog. Even if you were a pure dog person, don't you think this looks almost sacrificial? a wicker dog hanging outside of your front door? It made me laugh.

Queens Road. I've got an on going joke with Teeps that I hate this area and that it is so dead. Max took this wicked picture, I really like the depth of it, the way you can see right to the end of the road. Equally, Teeps has a similar joke where is revered and looked upon like a king in Braunstone. he tweeted me yesterday saying 'One time I was spotted eating KFC on Narborough road, next thing you know Braunstone carnival exists' LOOOOOLLLL that bar had me dying.

Me and Max saw this and realised we missed it! we seen it literally the day after the evening. Im going to keep an eye on it and see if we can get along to the next one. I bet it's so genius. Have you seen the Louis Theroux documentary about amateur wrestling rings? It looks incredible.

You know them times when you feel like your profile picture is a bit dead and outdated? Grab a friend, get down to the highcross and have yourself a little photoshoot. This guys pose kills it. He was taking pictures of his mate when I first spotted them. Amazing scenes.

That's all I've got for you today, short but sweet! I hope you enjoyed reading, Im going to write up about a musician I've been really enjoying recently soon so keep an eye peeled for that, stay scheeeeeeeemiiiiiiin'

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