Saturday, 30 March 2013


Hey Wickedlanders, sorry it's been a slow week for posts, we were going to do a podcast but the freezing cold weather stopped the team getting to mine. I think we might do a bumper special edition podcast for Easter.

After the announcement of Michael Owen's retirement I watched some videos of just how prolific he was when he was at Liverpool. Even though he left the club and become a top dickhead he was unreal when he was there, constantly in the kind of form RVP was for Manchester United at the start of this season. It was a nice little trip down memory lane, I watched a bag of goals I remember from when I was like 7-9 years old.

I'm sure you lot who follow me on twitter already know I locked horns and bore the brunt of 'feminist twitter' last week. I used the term feminist very, very loosely as the bunch of knobs that were tweeting me were just men hating clock tower kids without reason or rational. Either way, a couple of blokes got involved and this guy who called me 'an unstoppable juggernaut of bullshit' had this twitter profile. It really made me laugh.

I've been getting stuck into the Warriors game on PS2. I've never played it before and I've been really enjoying it. I'm a huge fan of the film and the games Rockstar make, so this is like a match made in heaven, I don't know why I've waited so long. It's making me read up on the Warriors finding out loads of interesting little bits about the gangs and stuff in the film. I think this might be the first time in the history of forever I've actually enjoyed the opening of the coffin on something I consider sacred (the film) and the powers that be deciding to breath new life into the brand.

I met with Darryl last week and we recorded a theme tune for the Podcasts, I really hope you guys like it!

Annoying that a week before April Argos are urging you to stock up on 'Winter Essentials'. Are these for next winter seen as we are well into what should be behaving as spring? The climate this week has been ridiculous, it's seriously beyond a joke. If we don't have summer this year I'm going to slit my throat.

Some guy on the TV had the big shoehorn sideburn style going on. I love these guys, they look so sick.  I like thinking of what popular culture references surround people in these countries to dictate their style? What makes this guy have that sideburn? Oi its been gym though innit

This had me fucked. Look at the expression on the womans face and then think of your own caption to go along with the picture. 'What the fuck bruv?'

Me, Hof and Sam went to visit Kyle the other day. It was a lovely 2 hour visit, he is out soon. Because I can't take a picture of him here is a picture of Hof and Sam shanking Sam's dog for chatting shit.

Yooooooo went Asda and did the big shop! Me and Tom went and it was actually a really nice evening haha, we pure took our time stilling round. I'm gonna be cooking some nice things these next couple of weeks. It felt so satisfying just buying absolutely anything and everything I wanted. I've been spending so much on takeaways these last couple of months, living life like Max. It can't go on.

This is the man I live with, fresh out of the shower. How's your flatmate? look at the those towels then think again about your life.

This is the first dinner I cooked from the big shop. Some pan fried spicy new potatoes, Chilli and Lemon steak and grilled mixed veg. I was slumped after eating this.

I got a postcode from Mills all the way from Newcastle and a passport photo (I collect them) to go with it. Don't you think this is the sweetest thing? I love getting post, its so nice. I stuck this guy in my little book of passport photos and carried on about my day.

Special mention to this guy, contributed via twitter by @TristanBeer. I really like this guy, he looks like a member of Wu Tang or something. Can you imagine the levels of comfort he is experiencing by dressing like that? It must be insane.

Apologies again for how long it's been, truly unacceptable! Thanks for reading, pop by soon!

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