Wednesday, 13 March 2013


At the single moment I write this it is sunny, therefore I am happy. I'm sure by the time I get to the bottom of this post it'll be snowing again, and I will be reminded it is absolutely freezing, then I'll subsequently be brought down to earth.

Isn't this cake blinding? I saw it in a bake sale at Leicester Uni when I was up there on friday. I don't think the person who made it appreciated how amazing it is. The idea of putting a political message in icing on a sponge cake tickled me.

An amazing mural at a youth centre in Saff.

We were there filming a cypher for a youtube channel. There was this one guy (pictured in the grey tracksuit) called Bizzle, I had not heard of him before but fuck me he was good.

I rolled down with my BLG crackers

That night a few of us went to firebug for a few drinks. Frank is currently hooked on football manager and got his laptop out halfway through the night to talk about his game with Tom. don't you think he looks like a pure internet cafe Skype european guy?

The following night was his birthday, a load of us went out.

A couple of guys we saw at the Landsdowne brought frank a couple of pints on Guinness in quick succession and he was struggling because it is so heavy and thick. he left two, slightly less than half pints in two separate glasses. Whilst he popped off to the toilet me and Tom used some leftover lager that was on our table to make him two new pints on lager Guinness, a delicious, slightly lighter alcoholic mix. Needless to say he didn't drink them.

Three of my friends pulling some faces and doing various things with their hands. The most basic, lowest common denominator of what wicked-land is.

For mothers day Natalie got busy in the Kitchen and did a big mexican duppy with everything you can imagine. We had 2 kinds of chicken Fajitas, loads of stuff to put in them, homemade wedges, mexican veg rice, macho peas and nachos. it was very special!

I had four separate plates on the go at once, it was one of those kind of meals. LOL imagine being african, fucking hell. They don't even have Tesco express's to buy an old el paso Fajita kit.

Whilst we are BOXING off food I went for KFC yesterday with Miles. It was glorious, I've not had one in ages, so i just got everything I wanted, regardless of cost. It went down a treat.

This pair were moving this bloke along. I've got very little time for homeless people. I think 9/10 of them have made bad decisions and put themselves in that position.

I understand some people do not get the best start in life, I'm not stupid, but in this country there are things set up to help young people who are fucked and in that situation. I can't imagine if I lost everything tomorrow, regardless of wether I did it to myself through a lack of discipline and drug/drink abuse, I wouldn't sit on the floor asking strangers for money.

ANYWAY, that's not my point. My point is this guy is harmless, just sat minding his own business and was getting moved along by these two. Do you think that's seriously what they envisioned when they graduated their little police mans course? bothering a harmless homeless man? It's not exactly Starsky and Hutch shit is it. Pathetic little fluorescent wankers.

I clocked a while back that on Match of The Day, Mark Lawrenson wears some shocking shirts. This pinstripe number with a lime green detail on a huge collar was a favourite of all time I spotted the other night.

That's everything then. No snow, we made it all the way through. Instead I'm upsetting myself by trying to work out how everyone around me constantly gets free cars, holidays and festival tickets for no reason. I can't work out where these young people are getting their money from.


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