Tuesday, 5 March 2013


It's been literally months since I collated some things I've been looking at and enjoying and posted them. here are some new joints I've found on the websites and reposted here.

Cool little illustrations

Niiiiice colours on this poster. I like this trend of photographing a poster on this clips against a white backdrop.

I know this logo isn't much but I really liked it. the slight gradient.

I found this on some blog about movie posters. Its a piece of fan art obviously for Kill Bill. The guy who designed it screen printed a version of it on to a steel sheet and gave it to Quentin Tarantino as a present. That's cool right? 

This has been my favourite Facebook status of recent times.

Speaking of Facebook, Sam Sawkill shared this. What an interesting, thought provoking message, posed in a very interesting way. Their choice of pen isn't up to much though.

Lots of birds. Lots and lots of birds.

Also, give this a listen. we all know Bruno Mars won best song ever recorded with Locked out of Heaven, but check this out, it's another joint off of his latest album. It's unreal.

Thanks a lot Internet! You've been amazing! Merch at the back!

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