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I had that thing around this time last week where you see someone you know but they don't know you. People who enjoy a good Facebook stalk will experience this from time to time. Here is a photo of two guys taken at Leicester Uni's summer ball event last year. When I was editing these photos I literally burst out laughing at this picture and I don't know why. The expression of the guy on the left, and the way you can see the complete skull of the guy on the right made it a keeper, and I've had it in my camera roll ever since.

I was in Tinsletown with Tom and Bradley and low and behold my man from the photo walks by in front of my very eyes. I was buzzing, kind of felt like a celebrity spotting.

That night we got together round Darryl's before going to see him Dj at Beastwang. Bon and Teeps joined us as we had a couple drinks. Bradley was so drunk. Isn't that hat the best thing? It's always lying around Darryls living room.

Y.U.N.G  $@UC€

This was the team for the evening, big up anyone

This guy is the best you know. I'm sure i'm not telling you anything you didn't already know, but he is so sick. He has such a funny sense of humour. He is like proper rude and short with people for the amusement of others. I see him more on nights out, and enjoy his company more than a lot of my actual mates haha

Iphone Photographer of the year 2013, thanks a lot.

I went for a lovely pub lunch with my mum the following day at the Red Cow in Hinckley. I had a starter of red pepper and tomato then this lovely steak for a main. It proper hit the spot.

I stayed in on saturday and watched the UFC on a live stream. I've never watched it live before, I usually just download it a couple of days later. I really enjoyed it though, it was on from 2-5 in the morning, so i was really tranquil just in my own little world watching. I was searching #UFC158 on twitter and chatting to americans whilst eating TJ's.

I was talking to Brad a little as the night wore on and he tuned in later. He asked me about the championship fight that had 5 rounds. This made me laugh so so hard. The sad, accepting face at the bottom had me fucking destroyed.

Don't you think Penny from Lost looks really like a young John Travolta?

I went for a fry up with Max sunday morning. Opened the paper and saw this. We both laughed and instantly described the article as 'Wicked-land' haha. Some bloke had a skin graft from his arm made into a prosthetic knob and is pure putting it about. hahah what a genius story.

As ever, Max showing off with sauce.

Until it all goes wrong and he missed his plate. You can almost describe what is on his face as a smile, right? Mental.

I watched the final episode of Lost earlier this week. I've been getting through it since about christmas time and it's finally come to an overdue end. I'm so glad, the 5th and 6th season we're seriously painful viewing but I stuck with it. I've never seen a TV show start so well and end so badly.

This has been my fucking jam all week. I urge you to give it a spin, pure my kind of shit.

 I had this burger from wetherspoons in the week. I've got such a taste for onion rings at the minute, I'm having them with absolutely everything. They have this cheese and pepper sauce on this burger that just makes it unreal.

I want to end this post with a tryptic of photographs of old indian blokes. You'll struggle to find someone who loves these old fresh bastards as much as me. From my years working at the cash and carry I became completely fascinated with them and their ways.

I really like the ones who sit and chill in the Highcross. I wonder about them, why do they do it? Are they too cheap to go to a pub and do this like all the other blokes with fuck all to do? Or do they just prefer the surroundings? I love how close together they sit.

These two are my favourites. making possibly their 3rd appearance as the Sikh tag team champions of wicked-land. Uncontrollable steez is wearing a suit with lawn tennis shoes. Don't you fucking dare look him in the face. 

Finally a bloke in Peri Peri trying to sell a set of knifes to the guy behind the counter. he was pulling out the separate knifes and talking about the quality of the blade and whatever else. They were obviously awful as they were in some sort of set that came in a book, like a shit christmas present from the works bookshop.

Well that is absolutely everything. I'm currently trying to work out who was sexier in her prime, Madonna or Julia Roberts. I give that to the people. Thanks a lot for popping by!

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