Thursday, 9 April 2015


Yo I wanna start doing these monthly, I enjoy putting them together.

Ok look at how lovely these photos are. Kinda wish I liked eggs too because that second one looks a vibessss.

Have any of you lot been watching the Noisey Atlanta series? It's so good, I've really enjoyed it. Ten (roughly) 10 minute videos focusing on the trap scene in Atlanta. It's so informative and interesting, I love the sort of access Noisey are getting these days. It's so comprehensive with great behind the scenes, interviews and history. The internet is being put to such good use these days, I feel like the content has really stepped up. Good job everyone.

Skepta's new song is easily the best song anyone has ever made.

ALSO! Did you watch the Fargo TV series? Jesus it was fucking good. I was so so skeptical when I heard they were adapting the movie into a TV show, but it really did the name and the legacy a service. It was so tense and exciting in places, Billy Bob Thorntons character was my favourite performance I can remember. If you've not seen it watch it right away, It's on Netflix.

There's some cool stuff you need to get into haha. WICKEDLAND

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