Friday, 24 April 2015



So me and Tom have been eagerly awaiting going to this relatively new place on Curchgate called Zulu Shack. Like grilled meat and rice and shit. It looks wicked on their instagram. Met up last Saturday with plans to go QUICKLY just box it off and we got there and it was shut. Despite saying on their website it was open. Why would you bother trying to make money? It's only a home Leicester match day and one of the hottest days of the year so far, town is probably too busy to be honest. Too much money to be made.

I can't explain how hot this day was. Actually I can, easily. You were alive too. Last Saturday. Look at this guy. He literally come dressed as the shadow of a secret agent. It's not that weather mate.

This guy was just in town hall square just taking photos of somebody elses wedding. Not like a wedding photographer, I mean just a bloke...watching on...with his phone...snapping away. That's very weird and evasive right? Naturally I took a photo of him taking a photo of a wedding. Don't judge me. You don't know my life.

This is pretty nice. My mate Robin got this 7" record on Record store day. one side is Jay Z's U Don't Know and the other side is Ghostface's Whip You A Strap. There are only 1,000 in the world and he got me one! He didn't even know that U Don't Know is my favourite Jay Z tune. I was so made up. I can fully understand the allure of vinyl, I wish I had more money to collect some.

Some meerkats just having themselves a little hug. I'm into that.

I found these keys in a letterbox in my building. They were in a letterbox in the found like reception area of my block. Just sat in the letterbox, telling you exactly which flat to go to. I could have just robbed her. It's so mental, like I could have just gone into her house. Can you imagine being that clumsy? I met her later to give them to her and she wasn't even that bothered.

EVERTHING'S £9.90! except for gents clipper cuts. They're £7.90. There is a bunch of other stuff on the windows that's not even close to £9.90 too, but EVERYTHING'S £9.90!!!

I've seen photos of these but never actually seen someone wearing a pair. I had that same sensation as when you see someone off the TV in real life and you're like aaaaah! Once, about 6 months after it was all kicking off I saw Madeline McCanns mum in the Highcross. I was trying to place her face for a few seconds before I clocked who she was. Then it crossed my mind to ask her for a photo for Wickedland. Don't judge me.

I was in Slug with a couple of the slugs on Monday and we seen this guy in a 'Size Matters' T shirt wording this one girl. He went over and was chatting to her for about 30 seconds with his phone in his hands like this. It was absolutely excruciating to watch but I couldn't look away. He admitted defeat and went back to his table, about 5 metres away from her.

Bradley has been having a fucking lovely time in the sun. If he dies in a car crash I'd probably put this photo forward for the picture on the funeral program. Having a ginger beer in the sun.

Chief Keef was having a little kick about down the Quay the other day. It was him.

I was watching some of the pre match build up for Barca v PSG. There was this little feature on Luis Suarez. It's crazy you know, like I don't think I've ever missed a player as much as him. Even when Torres left, it was gutting because he was so prolific when he was at Liverpool but ultimately I knew he was past it. He wasn't going to do anything amazing at Chelsea.

Seeing how shit Liverpool have been this season while Suarez is just still completely killing it is crushing. It's like having a girlfriend where I knew I was puuuure punching, but we had a great time. Now I kind of just have to remember the good times and be happy for her that she has moved on to better things with some elite, swanky, cool Spanish lad. I wish her the best haha

This car was shrink wrapped near my gym the other day. What's that about, any idea? kind of shit if this was your car and it was some sort of practical joke isn't it hahaha. 


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