Wednesday, 8 April 2015



I've been fascinated and equally enraged by the frenzy whipped up by Fast and Furious 7. It's borderline incredible that of all the kind of films we as mankind are capable of making that this dogshit is the stuff that whips up the most attention. I can't believe it. I'll save you the trouble; any film that there are 7 of isn't worth your fucking time. Go see something good. In the same vain that people just put on Radio 1 and make their way through their day because it's weird not to like music, people absolutely flock to go and see this shit at the cinema. Utter disbelief.

Neal H. Moritz is the guy holding the L for this. He's the only consistent leading crew member through out the whole 7 films. People come and go but this guy has been the lead producer on all of them, and for that we need his head on a fucking stick. The only reason that cunt Vin Diesel got away with it is because I'm suuure he's been inducted to the WOTW hall of shame before. Do I really have to tell you lot not to go see a film where Vin Diesel is the lead actor? Fuck me, this is basic shit.

You know you hear that like in the 1940s people didn't know smoking was bad for your health and kids smoked and there were no health warnings against it? Hopefully stupid media will be like that one day. Films and television that dumb down the nation and spoon feed them lukewarm diarrhea will hopefully be all but banned, warning them that they're bad for their health. 'Oh we didn't realise that shit was bad for you, but it obviously is, so don't get sucked in'.

Anybody who isn't just going to see Fast and Furious 7 'because everyone else is' I salute you. It's fucking hard and I think in a pie chart situation we are a relatively thin slice, but you've got my vote. Fuck that fucking rubbish. If we as a culture do not boycott crap shit there will always be crap shit.

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