Wednesday, 15 April 2015



Where do you start with this twat? Wayne Lineker is an odd one. I don't think he was around back when I used to write WMOTW a few years back otherwise I would have definitely thrown him in the pit. Wayne is the brother of Gary, he is 52 years old and spends his days getting pinker in Ibiza, running Linekers bar. I've just read that he is now producing house music hahaha obviously.

I think a lot about growing old gracefully and how being old to our generation probably isn't what we consider it to be now. We've certainly seen in change in our life times if you look at the way our parents generation lead their lives. There is a great difference however between my mum doing her grocery shopping on an iPad and this silver haired cunt spraying champagne over a group of 18 year old girls in Ibiza every night. Grow up Wayne, let it go. Glance over his twitter and when he isn't having nauseating back and fourths with his best mate and the equally annoying Callum Best he is almost like an unofficial ambassador for Ibiza. Constantly championing the nightlife, club scene, culture, scenery and so on. Mental isn't it. Him, this pink 52 year old cling on drip.

I think a lot of the things I enjoy in my day to day life are typically associated with youth and being young and I consider pretty regularly the possibility that come a certain age I'm still going to want to do stuff that young people do. Rap, for example. But if I'm even close to how this cunt acts when I'm nearing 60, please, somebody, put a bullet in my skull. Wayne, get in the cage you dickhead.

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