Wednesday, 29 April 2015



I've had it. I've given up. I've snapped. I have no doubt this is going to be unpopular, but hear me out. I genuinely feel like Samuel L has lost it. What was the last good movie this guy was the lead in? Coach Carter in 2005? Ten years ago. Going through his IMDb page is depressing. He's been riding his performances in Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction for so, so long now, they're so worn out. Those roles are tired. It's like he's a striker and had a couple of good seasons early on, 20 plus goals and now he just coasts on his reputation and scored 5/6 a season in all comps. He get's a pass for a couple of notable performances 20 years ago.

I can't take it. The list of shit he has starred in is endless. He's a bastard for those mindless super hero movies, but none of the good ones, he did his best to ruin Django Unchained, he made the unforgivable Snakes On A Plane and I don't need to see Kingsman to tell you that's a load of shit. It's like he is capable of really cool stuff, but he doesn't know a good film from a shit one. His own personal taste is shocking. Did you see The Spirit? I remember watching it with my mouth wide open just thinking that Coach Carter was a complete fluke. It's like he hit's one in five.

He does that thing where he raises his voice and shouts some ebonics and everyone loses their mind and gives him a free pass for another year or so. I'm done with having him on the list of actors whose work I respect. I think there is a lot to be said for his work rate, but for me the thing that makes my favourite actors my favourite actors is knowing how to pick their roles. Their careered aren't shrouded in crap tasteless shit that they've only signed up to for a payday. Whenever it's announced that Kevin Spacey, Jake Gylenhaal, Leonardo DiCaprio and so on are starring in a new film you know it's going to be worth a watch. I'm tired of seeing Samuel L Jackson wasted in shit films. Big Game? Really? I can't wait.

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