Wednesday, 22 April 2015



You know you have people in your realm and you have no idea how they popped up there? As in like old friends, and it's only when someone asked how you met you get to looking at each other and you don't really have an answer? That's how I feel about Piers Morgan. But with far less warmth. I have no idea how I am aware of his fucking existence.

Like he got his start at a newspaper right? The Sun if I'm not mistaken? And then next thing you know he is a household name and I'm writing this and getting annoyed over knowing who he is. What a smarmy, horrible, posh, lifeless used condom with a pulse. I think of people like reality stars who I know exist and I can get to grips with that. Like as annoying as they are for me, people like the slags from Geordie Shore are in my life because idiots I know watch those shows. But Piers, where does he come from? Who gave him his break into TV? Where is his staying power? It's genuinely baffling that we are all aware of who he is.

And then he is part of little collection of public figures who people who do not really get twitter say are 'good on twitter'. A lot of these people who just have twitter accounts for the sake of it follow him on start up and stick with him. So he continues to use twitter to have these weird, contrived arguments with Alan Sugar and Gary Lineker. It's just fucking boring. He is a boring person and I can't understand why he is as famous as he is. What is he good at? Remember when he was a judge on Britians Got Talent? What the fuck was that? Because he is mates with Simon Cowell or something? I'm baffled. Fuck Piers Morgan.

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