Saturday, 11 April 2015



Salted caramel is everywhere isn't it. It's odd how food can be fashionable, I don't know if I've noted this on here before. Like the whole red velvet thing, the whole pulled pork thing. Mental how people go for this stuff.

lol shutdown

Me and Max saw this maaaaassive dog in the park the other day. Look at this guy. What would you call him? Needs to be something regal right? King, Lancelot, Tarquin, something a prince might be called. They called this dog Woody. Bun this world to the ground man

My mans hat is kind of low key sick isn't it. Just letting people know it's a business situation at any given moment. Look at his hand too hahaha I fucking love this shit.

Found this knocking about Darryls studio, pretty good isn't it. Like a headshot for an aspiring model, or a pull out poster from Moustache Monthly Magazine. (that's not a real publication).

So these tiny little signs are about 9 feet up a wall warning you about the spikes on the top of the wall. The actual spikes are the same size as the ones on the sign haha it's the most useless shit I've ever seen. If you are going to have these tiny little signs made up then why not put them at eye level? Seems mental to me.

Quorn is tragically shit isn't it. Look at this little piece of shit. This is in their actual advert. This is them showing you how appetising Quorn can be. Look at the state of that. It's like the finger of a corpse. It's like a dog shit that's been in the sun for a week. It's like someones put a grain of brown rice under a microscope and covered it with ketchup. Diabolical.

Oiiiiii Beastwang at Sophbeck was such a vibes you know. Jet C played and smashed it ringing off bare old grime bangers. He plays Ps & Qs and everyone was singing along haha, it was so so good. I love MCing at sophbeck, it's so small and close. It's fully sick.

And to end we have Darryl modelling Morrisons ground breakingly fashionable boiled eggs glasses. I don't know if they'll catch on to be honest, but I think they look #cool for #summer.

That's your lot, enjoy the sun for the rest of this weekend!

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