Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I think this is like the first time ever I could plausibly use 'back by popular demand' with regards to something on my blog.

Riiiight back at the start of Wickedland I used to do a feature called 'Wasteman of the Week'. Basically someone in the public eye who had done something notably idiotic that week, or had crossed my mind and just fucking annoyed me would get run for a paragraph and then inducted. Lewis Hamilton, David Guetta, Peter Andre, Katie Price, Gordon Ramsey, Danny Dyer, Jack Black all got inducted with a loooooad of other guys. They're the sort of idiots we are talking about.

Basically it's back. So many people tell me it was one of their favourite things about Wickedland and I've finally had enough of people chewing my ear off over it so I'm going to start it again. If you guys have anyone in particular you would like to see named and shamed as Wasteman of the Week leave a comment in the chat box.


I can't imagine prising open the old cage for the first time back and not kicking this huge man baby in. I think about him so much and his critical acclaim bothers me. I just don't get it. He really entered full blown wasteman mode in my mind when we found out his huge soaring song of the year was a complete rip off.

I can't get on board with him. We are supposed to believe he is the voice of a generation and the best British song bird in years because he won a couple Grammys and broke American but I'm not buying it. Try and listen to 'Money On My Mind'. All the way through. Once. It's a sickening, shit piece of cliche ridden crap. Not only that but he has that big, wide fucking head that looks like an odd fetish mask. Have you heard him talk? It's like he is trying so so hard not to bother anyone or offend anyone with every word, it's so put on. Well not me, Sam. You've offended me. There is something really horrible and fake when you're aware that someone is consciously trying to come across as a nice person.

Also, there is absolutely no way on earth that anyone would give a fuck about this cunt if Adele was never born. That's literally the only reason he blew, he is just a warbling English person who is being paraded around America in her current absence. I'm not having Sam Smith. Not acceptable.

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