Thursday, 1 October 2015


Yooooo I've been super super slacking. Apologies, it's just been a busy couple of weeks, but I'm catching up! Gonna have a bag of new stuff for you over the next few days.

This two blokes were completely slopped off in McDonalds. Look at them. Knackered. They were eating some weird like bones with meat on out of a packet, some kind of wings and they'd both fell fast asleep.

One guy who worked at McDonalds woke them up, I felt kind of bad for them in the end.

Miles sent me this. His friend's phone was completely fucked. It works out to be 49 years.


I still cannot get used to seeing people take selfies. It's such a weird phenomenon. Even using the word 'selfie' makes me feel uncomfortable. A good one is when you see someone taking a selfie take a photo of them. They instantly feel as uncomfortable as you do and stop.

Chinese students will take photos of fucking absolutely anything wont they. just a blokes head. Better get a photo of that. I bet Chinese Instagram is absolutely wild.

These kind of baskets are a secret emeny in Tesco express or small stores of the like. Cereal simply shouldn't be selling from there, unless you're being literally just a box and some milk. Bang out of order. I just wanted this Aero. In other news I'm so into Mint Aero now you know. I can't stop.

I went to see BLG at ILuvLive at The Music Cafe. It was sick, It's weird to think Zane is 21 now. Like when I first started making music with him he was 16. His stage presence was such a pleasure. I won an open mic competition at the end of the night so I'm going to be doing a set at the next one.

Ting is fully sick. One good thing about Tesco is how there are so many fridges there that everything stays so cold all the time. So this Ting off the shelf is cold enough to drink. I need to drink more of this shit, so light and refreshing.

Me and Olly got drunk and compiled a quick checklist of goals. 'Paper on disposable' hahaha

It was Manish's birthday hold tight him. He was waving off the vossy and started saying a lot. I had to leave garage.

JUST A QUICK RE CAP! I'll be back very soon with more stuff for you all. But until then just Timehop the ting and read some more old Wickedland. CHEERS!

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