Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Yo I don't know if I addressed this already, but I remember certainly thinking about addressing it. I was in a situation not too long ago where a young lad I was with was losing his mind over being in the presence of some guys who have football YouTube channels.

Firstly, if you've never dipped into this world, get involved. It's the weirdest crappest thing I can imagine. Grown blokes filming themselves with Go Pros doing keepy uppies and crossbar challenges and all knocking around together being over the top with everything to make their videos more appealing to kids. Filming themselves playing Fifa and shouting.

Secondly, who fucking watches that shit? This lad was 19/20 years old. How could you be that age and give a fuck about that stuff? I swear when I was that age I wasn't into such crap things? The powerful tool of the internet is being completely misused by this demographic and it's very upsetting. He was beside himself with excitement. I was besides myself with anger.

Let's keep it moving though, that's nothing. Fast and Furious 7 is out on DVD now. Big point of sale next to the checkouts in my Tesco. I wonder how many photos I've taken in that Tesco. ANYWAY make sure you own this cinematic epic before it's too late.

Here's Max and Gaz. Gaz has been reading my blog for a long time, I think he's made one appearance before if I'm not mistaken. Top top bloke, we had a lovely little day out watching football and going to a couple of pubs the other day. Max is...well, Max.

So they're putting rum in lager now. Fosters have gone all exotic and decided that for long enough they've sat and watched from the sidelines whilst coca cola has been used as an accompaniment to rum and they're not having it anymore. For me, lager is gross, but then Jamie was drinking this shit the other night so fuck your rule book. Who knows.

Easily the most underwhelming thing I've ate this year. I thought they would be insane, but I was very disappointed :(


Jamie and Rosie were up for the weekend so we all went out for a lovely booze. Here's a very dark photo of us all having a lovely time together.

How lethal are Long Island ice teas? I love strong cocktails the way you don't have to wait ages to get pissed, it's so lovely.

Why are there drunk people in Subway? Seriously? Why is Subway open after midnight? Shocking scenes. Nobody should be eating this shit as their drunk guilty pleasure. How crap do you want your life to be if your go to drunken food is a Subway? This infuriated me.

This guy is getting up you know. I ran him for dogging that mural near the Tigers ground but look at this. A massive chrome in the street, it's like the glory era of when Venks was here doing this shit. I've seen a few other bits from him as well

So at the Leicester Uni freshers fair this guy was on the stall next to the Feminism Society. His T-shirt had the caption 'your girl' hahaha. What a fucking student thing to wear. I'm sure he is drowning in pussy.

Meanwhile this guy is 13 years old in his second year of his Maths degree. He won 'Student of the Year' last year WHEN HE WAS DOING A DEGREE AT 12 YEARS OLD. I just hope Chinese people embrace me when they take over the world. Not massive on the food, but I love the smart kids and that sooooo

Appalling racism by Starbucks as ever

George has become a Dad! Our George! Katie popped out a little lad, he doesn't 100% have a name yet, but here is he is in all his pink glory haha.

I can't get over memory cards. they get me pretty excited. Like look at this, it's so so tiny. 64gb! Remember when 1GB USB pendrives were like £40? Remember floppy disks that could store 1.4mb? Now look at this. Even my own external hard drive that I use at home is 1TB and I paid £120 for it in 2009 and that was an insane deal. It's massive and you have to plug it in to the mains haha.

I 'helped' my friend Steph out the other day. She did an advert for Deliveroo (A service that delivers from restaurants that do not normally) and she needed to receive the food at a city centre location. I popped up obviously, and we watched the warriors and at our body weight in pizza and pasta from Ask Italian. It was a glorious evening.

Natalie got me these little bits from her trip round South East Asia. Banana choco shit is my shit, these little Pocky sticks were something else. They had like a yoghurt on them or some shit. Jesus, they were good.

I don't understand T-Shirts with captions like this 'No Photos Please' one. Is it Ironic? Do you win because you coaxed me in to taking a photo? Am I a prick in my life? Let me know innit because at the minute I'm not sure what to believe.

Thanks for reading, I hope you're not bored or mega exhausted after this massive post. COME AGAIN

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