Friday, 2 October 2015



The older I get the more I realise it's not nice to have a go at people for the way they look. I guess it's because I'm short as shit and I'm ok with it. It's never bothered me. I don't care my flaws or what people think of them. That doesn't mean it's not still extremely fun to have a go at people for the way they look. There is a helplessness to it that is in direct alignment with what I find funny.

Meghan Trainor shot to fame last year when her song 'All About That Bass' stormed the charts. The song is about how fat girls are better, and basically body shames skinny girls. I'm sure you're familiar with it and the uproar it caused at the time. Geniusly cheeky stuff from our Meg, given she is morbidly obese herself, she really shouldn't be pointing the finger and having a go at anyone for the way they look. Not only is she a blob, she has one of those punchable faces only American people can have. You know the sort. That Rebecca Black kid who did that 'Friday' song possessed the same quality.

Anyway, many a month later Meghan is a fixture in the charts and her face often pops up. I don't think a week goes by without me accidentally seeing her moon face blobby boat and I hate it. I hate her. I hate how she's got away with writing a song slandering skinny girls and basically encouraging obesity and yet she hasn't been shunned from popular culture. While McDonalds are warned off as the bad guys for making children desire fatty foods Big Meg is championed as a hero of the people. Not me. I think she is revolting, and regardless of how much weight she loses she is like Kelly Osbourne or that fat one from Little Mix; she abused her body in her formative years and there by is forever stuck with a massive round balloon head. I wish a girl who respects her body would release a song of a similar vain slewing fat girls, I'd single handidly make sure it was Christmas number one.

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